What is the Perfect Woman Made of?

What is the Perfect Woman Made of?

When I think of the concept of a perfect woman, I oftentimes find myself comparing my attributes to the concept and coming up short. This is a phenomenon I am certain is not isolated to just me. I immediately harkened back to the year 2000 and the O-Town tune “Liquid Dreams.” I’m showing my age here, but boy bands were important to the commercially popular music scene then. Don’t judge.

In the pop track, semi-grown men list off physical attributes of celebrities they wish they could puzzle-piece together to make the perfect woman or “the star of my liquid dreams.” Now that I think about it, it’s more than a little ewwwwy yet we sang along. As listeners, we believed they had a good idea about this, and even compared ourselves or women in our lives to the chopped-up idea of what a perfect woman should be.

‘Perfect Woman’ from CAL. and John Concepcion

Flash forward to August 28, 2020, and the concept of the ideal partner takes a refreshing and mature spin in the cleverly written song ‘Perfect Woman’ from CAL. and John Concepcion.

‘Perfect Woman’ mentions the mentality of making “requirements” for a woman to fit an ideal, then shrugs off the notion. CAL. and Concepcion uplift the concepts of authenticity, self-love, self-respect, intelligence, independence, and industriousness. The song is a grown man’s spotlight on a woman as her highest self. You are immediately pulled into the conversation about the perfect woman from the top of the track. Listeners follow the beat right into a hook from crooner John Concepcion that makes you dance (no matter where you are!). Then you’re carried through the entirety of the piece by old-school hip-hop rap vibes from CAL. At 4:02 the song is slightly longer than the average but leaves you wanting more — as any good piece should.

So, what’s the verdict on ‘Perfect Woman?’

Overall, this song was a surprise. I didn’t expect progressive lyrics on a rap track, but I am more than happy that I gave this project a listen. The message is solid, fun, and laid over a convergence of rap and R&B sounds. “Perfect Woman” features sensuous melodies and trap rhythms. This track isn’t your typical slow jam. It somehow captures an upbeat rhythm with a sexy sound, that will get you out of your seat AND reframe your concept of what it means to be and seek perfection.

“Perfect Woman” is out NOW. Grab it here: https://fanlink.to/CAL-PerfectWoman-JohnConcepcion. Download and stream it everywhere you get your music. Congratulations to CAL. and John Concepcion on the early success of this piece. It is sure to be an instant favorite.

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