Treat Me

First, if you do not know who Image is, it is time for you to do your homework. He is a soft, subtle mix reminiscent of Drake with a sprinkle of Bazzi, a real voice floating smooth runs, and honest relatable lyricism. His latest release, “Treat Me,” is no deviation from this recipe, painting a picture of relationship fallout through bluesy vocals on a trap beat. Here we look not only at the song itself but the video as well, which I was privileged to preview before its release.

“Treat me like you would treat me if I had everything right now.” These standout lyrics to me, illustrate a man’s internal struggle with his partner to realize his potential, not just in a relationship but as a human being and artist. We so often hear and see a woman’s side of a toxic relationship, of leaving, of feeling unappreciated, but rarely hear from a man about just how difficult it can be to be inside of a situation and be hit with unrealistic expectations for the now when the future surely could be so bright if we only see each other for who we are. Why should a person be more deserving of love only after they have met an anticipated goal, income, life event, or otherwise? Yes, treat him like the king he is and see the value in a person’s soul right now.

When Image says, “You’re confusing who I am and who I should be” it is a truly clear and passionate plea. This is who I am. When I heard this line my heart stopped. How often have we all felt or thought the very same thing but were unable to express it, not just to our romantic partners but also to the people closest to us, who have their perceptions of who we are meant to be rather than truly seeing us for who we are at this moment and in each given moment?

If the lyrics are not enough, the entire track has a smooth vibe that is easy to listen to on repeat. I know. I have done it…and now it’s stuck in my head. Yes, you will be singing it in your car and thinking you are the best R&B singer of all time while you belt it out in the shower. It is that catchy. The beat goes toe to toe with the commercially popular music you would catch on the radio here in the northeast and it would easily slide into the rotation on any hip hop/R&B station. While “Treat Me” can certainly mix in with what we hear on far-reaching media, the track itself is very intricately laid, cleverly blending layers of sound to the melody, keeping us all locked in with an up-tempo drumbeat in the forefront.

I was fortunate enough to check out the video for this piece, before it was released on November 11 of this year. This visual is a work of art. Image is featured in the theme of a man in a relationship with a woman (model and business owner, Hadeez Weng). As the video plays out, the relationship goes from that new love glow to arguments and struggle, and a certain sense of ending that comes when the love turns into something darker. The most striking visuals on this project, aside from the side profile shots of Image vocalizing, are the spliced-in scenes of a wine glass full of water. Periodically, as the on-screen relationship runs its course, drops of black liquid are added to the wine glass, eventually filling the previously pristine glass with swirling toxicity. That image of the wine glass full of negativity speaks so clearly to the message that something so serene can be irrevocably damaged when we poison it with irrational thoughts, words, and actions.

“Treat Me” is the honesty we all needed with a past connection, all the things we didn’t say.

Listen now everywhere you get your music and check out the video on Youtube. Links and credits are below.

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Listen to Treat Me

Credits Artist: Image

Producer(s) Primo & Rosh

Recorded &Mix Stewart Tuttle at Altar Studios

Watch the Treat Me Video

Director: Garren Bercero

Executive Producer: Image

Production Company: GB Productions

Shot by Garren Bercero & Sam Avila

Editor: Garren Bercero

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