Atlanta-based Independent Artist, Jantu is a Beast in Any Language

Hey, beautiful people. Meet Jantu. This Atlanta-based independent artist operates just as his name means, like a beast. Jantu has tackled the music scene with his unique sound, described as mixed a little loud – but with an audio grit that makes his sound unique. He is an artist in many ways, multi-talented, ambitious, and always on to the next venture! Over time I have enjoyed watching him evolve in the scene from an artist, producer, businessman, and more. Perhaps one of the most spectacular things about this beast is that he is ever-changing.

In 2019, I learned about Jantu through my Friday Night Frequency Radio Show. On the Friday Night Frequency, I interview independent artists and musicians on the Stationhead app. Jantu found his way into a community of artists that I had set to interview in succession on my live show. You can say we “met” on air. I researched each musician thoroughly and poured over their music before conversing on the air. Through my investigations, Jantu became a stand-out even before speaking. His creativity is singular. You hear it in his writing and the small details in his work.

In addition to writing, rapping, creating music, and producing, Jantu has seemingly mastered the concept of problem-solving in entrepreneurship. He designs for his lifestyle brand,Savvage Life. He is in an experimental band, Drugs In The Night Time. Jantu also runs a visual studio where he photographs other creatives, hosts events, and films video shoots. When asked why he chose to take on the studio, Jantu’s response was simple. He saw a need in Atlanta and the surrounding area. Creatives needed a place to work, affordable services, and a way to fill in the gaps in the services offered to artists in the music scene.

You might think Jantu is too busy running shit to create. You would be wrong. Jantu is releasing a new creative piece, his single Paper Chase featuring Devaughn Morrow. Like the title implies, this one is all about making money and, in the great words of 50 Cent, ‘get rich or die trying.’ How do I feel about it? I was honored to get a sneak peek at this track before its release and I, with certainty, love the beat.

Paper Chase is another evolution of Jantu and his music. It’s a rap track, trappy drums, a dreamy intro, some underlying soothing tones, and meditative mixins that make you want to play it again and again. Jantu’s vocals grind over a peaceful melody, demonstrating through the audio the sound of ambition bumping against the outdated concepts of living and dying small. Devaughn Morrow CRUSHES this feature, fully into the theme of chasing paper. Devaughn’s rhymes are smooth, flow is bouncy, and his bars build pressure on the track. As a whole, the piece juxtaposes gritty hustler energy in the vocals, lyrics, and drums against soothing tones you might hear in a temple. Similar to other Jantu tracks, I particularly enjoy the fact that his music is not plug-and-play. When you pay attention to the details, you notice that the melodies, drums, and specialized sound lines have their nuances versus loopy tracks of commercially popular music. My only complaint about this piece is that it is so short. I have listened likely 50 times. Every time the song finishes, I ask myself, “That’s it?” Yes, that’s it! Paper Chase is a fully loaded 2 minutes and 15 seconds, compact and focused.

Independent Artist Jantu Album Art for Paper Chase features close up image of Benjamin Franklin's face on the $100 bill

Jantu serves up a message to all artists with this one when he says, “when I invest in myself, I don’t look at the tag.” Now, artists, go stream Paper Chase, the soundtrack to getting your bag!

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