Album Review: Shea Michael’s “Good Love”

Album Review: Shea Michael's Good Love

My latest adventure into the Canadian independent music scene brings me to the sounds of a Calgary, Alberta-based artist. I seem to find myself more and more in the music scene in Canada lately. There is so much untapped goodness, and I am grateful to have connected with a few incredible artists in Canada who show me what’s really good! I plan on sharing here quite a bit more about some of the incredible female singers and MCs that I have connected with, but today we are talking about male singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer, Shea Michael and dive into a song review of Shea Michael’s ‘Good Love.’

Good Love EP

Today, I share a little about Shea Michael’s latest EP – Good Love, and give a more in-depth listen/review of his title track. When I say this EP is a ray of sunshine, give it a listen and you’ll hear why.

The unexpected hip-hop/pop crossover sound on the Good Love EP is a pleasant surprise and a welcome change to the pieces I have been sorting through lately. Even more surprising to me, was the fact that I genuinely enjoyed tuning into the simple straightforward lyricism and chill vibes when I am usually drawn to those up-tempo heavy beats paired with intricate verbose rap lyrics.

If you have ever listened to Shea Michael before, you will quickly notice the departure from his rap or comedy style, and notice that this EP is much more in the pop realm/vibe. This is the pop music we have so badly been missing – almost reaching into the indietronica sound. It’s just straightforward forward feel-good stuff. I hate making comparisons with artists because there are so many nuances and so much personal creativity that goes into making music, BUT while I was listening through his latest EP in loops, I was asked if Owl City put out a new album – so, you can pick up what vibes we have going on from that. Chill. Happy. You hear this project and you are genuinely happy for this guy. Who doesn’t want a little bit of that?

Good Love, The Title Track

Good Love is the title track on Shea Michael’s latest 6 song EP. The song is the centerpiece and driving force of the mood of the entire project, written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Shea Michael himself in his home studio in Calgary, Alberta. Music production for this project was handled by London-based producer, Chris Selfe. One thing I have to say about musicians that I tune into lately, indie or otherwise, is that they are figuring out how to make it happen and make good music whether they are in lockdown, quarantine, or risking it all in the studio to get the music out. There are no excuses when it comes to making music lately and this project perfectly displays that.

Album Review Good Love from Shea Michael

The Mood of the Project

The overall mood of the project is a picture of happiness, inspiration, and gratefulness for love and good energy in life; a bright spot in 2020. Good Love is a love letter to a muse. It is the perfect pick for a drive to the beach, with the windows down, and wind blowing through your hair… which I absolutely needed to hear while looking out the window at fallen leaves, freezing my butt off, sitting here in Jersey.

Guys, we needed something good in 2020. We needed a love song. We all need Good Love. This song brings so many good vibes and covers a sense of happiness that you just can’t compete with. Shea Michael touches on the experience of knowing life before meeting someone and how that new connection and relationship transforms his life in such a beautiful way. “It’s like life just led me to you.” It’s catchy. It’s upbeat.

The piece also has a sweet drum line that I adore. Good Love is a thought reel we all play to ourselves when we are in that shiny, new, happy, high-on-life phase of a relationship – that part that you never want to fade out. Throughout the piece and the EP as a whole, Shea Michael’s vocals are soothing, clear, and emotional, but on a level, everyone can still connect with.

Listen Now!

Now, catch a vibe. Listen to Good Love below and follow Shea Michael on Spotify! If you have a new release or upcoming release you’d like reviewed on, email us at!

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