What Do You Say? .Jxck Pours His Heart Out on the New York Scene

What Do You Say .Jxck Pours His Heart Out on the New York Scene

New York-based artist and producer, .Jxck is relatively new on the music scene. He debuted his first album in 2017, but his seasoned vocals are nothing short of an audio escape. With roots in Portland, Maine multi-instrumentalist, .Jxck brings a refreshing energy to that of the New York music landscape. A good Instagram friend put me on to his music a few days ago. After all, what are Instagram friends for, if not for sending good music your way? Well, thank you, Instagram fam, because this one was an absolute win.

Reviewing .Jxck’s Latest Album, “Beautiful Day”

After listening to .Jxck’s latest album, “Beautiful Day,” I fell in love. If you are a sucker for cleverly laid drum tracks, groovy melodies, emotional vibes, and soulful, smoky vocals, you need to hear his work. This project, in its entirety, cycles through emotional highs, lows, and everything in between, leaving the listener soothed and satisfied. .Jxck sounds like walking on the beach at night, the wind blowing, waves crashing, and the sound of your heart telling you what you are feeling but not saying. He’s a little Craig David, a little John Legend, and a pinch of J.T.

.Jxck’s standout piece on this album is “What Do You Say.” His honest lyrics thread literal and figurative wordplay together musically chasing a future love. He is clever, and clear, and speaks to feelings that resonate with many. As with many of my favorite male vocalists, .Jxck brings smooth R&B energy mixed with modern instrumentals and an upbeat vibe. “What Do You Say” has an early morning wake-up energy that you can’t help but move your shoulders and head to, even if you’re sitting at your desk at night, writing up a music review… “You’re not mine yet, but you will be soon.” Yes, bring all that energy to my day.

Beautiful Day Album art fro .Jxck featured the New York skyline at sunset

After venturing deeper into “Beautiful Day,” I enjoyed the flow of the entire album, the vibe that connects each piece of the project with a cohesive sound, and those drums that make everything feel light even when the vocals are pouring out depth.

Stand Out Moments on “Beautiful Day”

Not a Breakup Song” is an artful piece that touches on defining the relationship and the intricacies that come with it. It’s an emotional tangle of truth and vulnerability, riding the wave of textured synths and dreamy melodies.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention “Forever” and how it takes me back to my angsty late teens and early 20s. If anything sparks joy in my little Sagittarius heart, it’s the thought of running away, but when someone writes a song about that? Top-notch. “Forever” is the escapist love anthem for 2021. Last, but certainly not least, let’s get into the namesake of the album.

The title track, “Beautiful Day,” leads with piano and a calm beat that slides into some spoken word rap describing the path of the artist in New York. “No point in manifesting if you don’t have a plan.”

Overal Album Vibe

Overall, I feel like I have stumbled upon a hidden gem in a mountain of indiscriminate rocks that can sometimes be the nature of the independent music soundscape. A round of applause is due to .Jxck for this project. The man is an absolute artist, singing, rapping, producing, playing instruments, writing, and making us feel things while maintaining an authentic, humble, feel-good social media presence.

When you’ve cycled through your R&B classics on that old playlist and need something new,. Jxck is what you need to pop into that rotation. The vibes on all of his projects are perfect for vibing out, processing those deep feelings, falling asleep, or everything else except sleep – if you know what I mean.

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