Song Review: Mikyla Cara Releases New Single, ‘Wondering’

From 2019 through 2021, I created, produced, and hosted a streaming radio show on the Stationhead app. I built the radio show highlighting independent artists and welcoming them to the streaming community on that app. Word of mouth got around through a handful of very cool artists, like Ciph Boogie, who shared the news aboutContinue reading “Song Review: Mikyla Cara Releases New Single, ‘Wondering’”

Song Review: New Music From Madeline Rose

If you have been following anything I write for the last two years, you know I love a late-night Instagram scroll for finding new and exciting music. By this point, almost everyone who knows me personally understands that I have a near-compulsive aim at finding audio gems, and my friends will send me the goodsContinue reading “Song Review: New Music From Madeline Rose”

New Music From Jantu Feels Like Going On ‘VACATION!’

Here in Jersey, the weather has been hot and sunny between bouts of rain, and the searing pain from my most recent sunburn reminds me that summer is on its way. If you are like me and have a spirit for adventure, the approaching summer season feels like a great time to escape to justContinue reading “New Music From Jantu Feels Like Going On ‘VACATION!’”

Song Review: Gramzunkut’s ‘Whoa Girl’

The self-proclaimed “five-borough thorough’” hip hop king, Gramzunkut, is back on the scene with some fresh new summer vibes on his latest single release, ‘Whoa Girl‘ featuring King Con. Want to know exactly what I thought about it? Keep reading. Who is Gramzunkut You may have heard about his music or seen him featured inContinue reading “Song Review: Gramzunkut’s ‘Whoa Girl’”