Song Review: Gramzunkut Releases New Song, ‘Whoa Girl’

Song Review: Gramzunkut Releases New Song, 'Whoa Girl'

The self-proclaimed “five-borough thorough'” hip hop king, Gramzunkut, is back on the scene with some fresh new summer vibes on his latest single release, ‘Whoa Girl‘ featuring King Con. Want to know exactly what I thought about it? Keep reading.

You may have heard about his music or seen him featured in Source, Hip Hop Weekly, thisis50, Worldstar, and other popular music publications. You may know him from his incredibly popular 2021 single, ‘Wanna Ride on My Wave.’ He has performed with some of the greats of hip-hop and rap, including Jay-Z, Chief Keef, Benny the Butcher, Uncle Murda, Cassidy, and The Lox, to name a few.

We could go through all of his accolades and life story here, but you can easily find him with a quick Google search. Similarly, interested readers can wade through pages and pages of interviews, bios, and press releases for more on Gramzunkut. If I say only one thing about Gramzunkut, it is that this man knows how to market himself and his music.

For those who are not yet familiar with the artist, rapper, and businessman (which I find hard to believe), you are in for a treat. Gramzunkut embodies the New York sound, which adds up. He has lived in almost every borough and was inspired to pursue music seriously after a live performance at SOB’s. It doesn’t get much more New York than that.

Gramzunkut is known for his old-school boom-bap style combined with soulful rap. Incredibly, until earlier this year, I didn’t know much about the rapper until our paths crossed on Instagram.

During one of my typical Instagram scroll-a-thons, I was hunting for new independent music and artists. I came across Gramzunkut’s profile. I followed, hoping new and exciting music would show in my feed on a future scroll, never expecting a follow back because the dude has over 100K followers. A few days later, I was shocked to receive a message from the artist asking about my artist services, the content I write, and potentially working together. Humbly, I offered to “check out future music releases,” and here we are.

A little over a week ago, while sifting through music submissions in my email, I found this submission from Gramzunkut and King Con for their latest release, “Whoa Girl.” My first stop was a click on that YouTube link, and after giving the video a few views (Yes, I watch and listen on repeat), I started writing.

Firstly, ‘Whoa Girl’ is solidly in the summer vibe category with the upbeat tempo and a video featuring the ocean, palm trees, and a prominent Hawaiian shirt. The energy is fun, with a grown and sexy feel. ‘Whoa Girl’ will get you up and dancing or swaying. I envision the track being played in a Miami lounge or nightclub.

Highlights of the track include a solid introduction that builds with fun intro ad-libs and a smooth transition from one artist to another on the song. Gramzunkut and King Con work well together. Their sounds meld well.

There is a lot that went right on this track. I love the sounds chosen, the rhythm and drums chosen, some cheeky lyrics, and how Gramzunkut and King Con partner well. The two artists seemingly pop in and out on the song as needed, seamlessly.

Conversely, I hate to give criticism, but I really didn’t love the section where the melody drops out around the bridge. It lost some momentum in the song, which was difficult to rebuild in the second half. Aside from that, I am all smiles with this one. It’s a summer smash for sure. Are you a “Whoa Girl?” Hit me up in the comment section and let me know what you thought about this one!

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