Song Review: Mikyla Cara Releases New Single, ‘Wondering’

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From 2019 through 2021, I created, produced, and hosted a streaming radio show on the Stationhead app. I built the radio show highlighting independent artists and welcoming them to the streaming community on that app. Word of mouth got around through a handful of very cool artists, like Ciph Boogie, who shared the news about what I was doing on the app. Caljamonit (who we lovingly call Cal), an artist and marketer, who would become my mini-series guest co-host and one of my favorite music marketing colleagues, approached me to put some of his artists on my interview list. Incredibly in my time as a radio show host, I did not get a chance to interview Mikyla Cara, the artist we are discussing today. As Cal’s client, Mikyla became hard to miss after making that connection, and we would eventually cross paths directly.

Soon after connecting with Cal and a number of his artists, I joined an engagement group, and guess who was in there? Mikyla Cara. Since working with her in that engagement group and with some cross-marketing efforts, I have found her to be beautiful and talented, incredibly driven in her music career, and generous with her time and energy in supporting other independent artists globally.

Who is Mikyla Cara?

You now know how I found her, but who is this lady? Mikyla Cara is a British neosoul/R&B singer and songwriter influenced and inspired by some of the most well-known songbirds in recent history, including Alicia Keys and Aretha Franklin. Her debut album ‘Grown‘ was released in 2017, sparking a fire that would eventually build into her impressive catalog with numerous releases each year, leaving no evidence or signs of slowing down anytime soon. Highlights from her portfolio include her 2019 single, ‘He Can Do Better,‘ which sits at over 100,000 streams on Spotify, with many other projects nearing that same marker.

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Outside of the streaming space, Mikyla shines when performing live. Thankfully she is an avid performer, popping up all over the UK, and there are always opportunities to experience her incredible vibe in person. Check out her website for more information and show dates. She is worth whatever ticket price you’ll pay. For those of us across the pond, you can often find Mikyla on social media, sharing her frequent live performances, featuring her favorites from Alicia Keys and soulful greats in the R&B space. She also shares her authentic day-to-day life as a mother, musician, and vulnerable human being sharing her gifts with the world.


Mikyla Cara’s most recent release, a single entitled ‘Wondering,’ has found its way to my email and inbox by more than one person. When this happens, it is a sure sign that song is excellent or highly controversial. Considering the track was released on June 17, only a few days before I wrote this, I have to say that I am surprised by both her supportive fan base and the army of independent artists who back her up in her musical efforts.

Mikyla Cara Wondering Album Art
The Lyrics

I love Mikyla’s wordplay with her lyrics. She thoughtfully aligns rhyme schemes, witticisms, and creative phrasing to build standout moments in her songs. In ‘Wondering,’ the standout lyric for me in this song is, “you left me wondering, so I wandered away.” In 2022, it’s a relatable sound bite for both the ghost and the ghosted.

The Vibe

‘Wondering’ has a chill vibe, with soft water sounds signaling a scene featuring soaking in a hot bath and dissociating to the sound of feminine blues while pondering what went wrong in your last situationship. The dreamy sounds of both water and piano create near-meditative energy, leaning into that neo-soul sound, but the heartbeat drums made the whole moment for me.

In Conclusion

Don’t be left wondering whether or not you should immediately stream and download this single. I LOVE it, and I think you will too. Ready for more? Subscribe and never miss an article!

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