Song Review: New Music from Ike Rhein is a ‘Summer Breeze’

Song Review: New Music from Ike Rhein is a 'Summer Breeze'

Managers, marketers, independent record labels, and public relations firms have flooded my inbox lately with gems. I am never sad to have so many GREAT songs to listen to and review! Expect a constant stream of song and album reviews stacking up here at publishing in the coming weeks. There is something about the summertime that brings good vibes, fun tunes, and rhythms that move you. Recent submissions for review have been nothing short of a breath of fresh air, with today’s topic included. This week, I took an in-depth look and listened to “Summer Breeze” from Ike Rhein.

While relatively new to the music scene, 20-year-old Michigan-born artist, Ike Rhein, has quickly racked up millions of music streams and views since his start in 2019. Now based in Miami, Florida, the stunning rise of the impressive young artist does not stop with streams and views. Ike Rhein has made some notable collaborations to date, partnering with greats such as Vinny DeLeon, Luh Kel, YN Jay, and Andy Vandette.

Ike Rhein is touring, with a series of upcoming shows across the United States, including a performance at the legendary SOBs in New York on Friday, July 29, 2022. For more information on Ike Rhein, including his full event schedule, connect with him on social media and check out his website:

There is no sign of stopping this artist on his pathway to success. With a wave of momentum and a massive, supportive fan base, I am excited to watch his rise to stardom.

Now for the best part, “Summer Breeze.” This song is out of my typical genre grouping for reviews, but the pop track (that leans a little R&B) is too good to overlook. “Summer Breeze” is a laid back upbeat love song about wanting to be close to your special someone. It’s about someone you can’t get enough of, and I can’t get enough of the track.

“Summer Breeze, I hate it when you’re gone too long from me” is a hook that grabs you and plays over and over in your mind. The lyrics are fun and a little youthful, which you can expect from a young artist, resonating with peers in the same age group and those young at heart.

Instrumentals from “Summer Breeze” reflect the theme and mood of the song: youthful, sunny, and warm. That feeling of young love echoes in the acoustic guitar, high hats, and bright backup vocals layered through the track.

The same happy summer theme is carried through the music video (featured below). Visuals, captured in Puerto Rico, feature Ike Rhein, and model/actress Savannah Lewis. Ike and Savannah’s chemistry in the video is just as sweet and tender as the lyrics of ‘Summer Breeze.’

Overall, I enjoyed the song. I listened to it at least ten times and watched the video on repeat while writing. ‘Summer Breeze’ is an easy, unproblematic listen that will brighten your day and make you think of your sweetheart. The music is well produced, and well mixed, and no one element pulls your attention, making the whole sound cohesive.

This track gets an A grade from me, only falling slightly short in creative lyricism. Every part of ‘Summer Breeze,’ down to the visuals, has been thoughtfully crafted and planned. ‘Summer Breeze’ is a fast favorite for all. Two weeks since its release, ‘Summer Breeze’ has already gained tens of thousands of views and streams. Get ahead of the curve and listen to this track while it’s still new, so you can tell all of your friends you heard it first. This one is only going up!

Listen and tell us what you thought in the comments! What playlist are you putting this one on?

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