Song Review: Boom Bangaz Debuts New Single, ‘Island Girl’

Boom Bangaz Debuts New Single, 'Island Girl'

This week, I checked out another summer vibe sent to me from Riddimstream Marketing, ‘Island Girl’ from Boom Bangaz. I receive numerous emails and submissions from this particular marketing team regularly, but ‘Island Girl’ stood out. It falls into the usual genres that I review. I also listened because of the striking pink on the album art. Yes, these small things ABSOLUTELY do matter to people whether they notice that about themselves or not. Your imagery and submission to bloggers, playlisters, and venues in genres that align with their typical work are critical when seeking placement or press.

Typically when a marketing agency reaches out to me with an artist or a project, I am provided with a wealth of information. This time, however, I had to do a little digging. Boom Bangaz appears very new to the streaming music scene, with almost no data popping up during one of my classic stalker-ex-girlfriend searches. I reached out to the artist but have not yet heard back from him. Stay tuned for more on that little investigative piece! In the meantime, let’s get into the song review!

The opening is a slow build until the drums drop in and a wave of warm summer air hits you. The rhythm is chill but slow enough that you get kickback vibes for the nighttime. After the introduction fleshes out, it immediately makes me feel like sipping margaritas while giving a little shoulder shimmy on the beach at night.

The Good, Bad, and What I Really Want

The beat is EXCELLENT. It is uncomplicated and predictable, which I kind of love. The song isn’t out there trying to recreate the wheel as it relates to music. It’s a simple vibe. “Island girl, I love it when you wine like that.” That’s it – that’s the song!

What could be improved? It’s short and sweet… but really, it is wild short. The song comes in at 2 minutes and 46 seconds, but with a building introduction and a fading outro, there isn’t much room in the middle for verses. I wish the elements of the song were better planned, more prominent over the instrumentals, and just MORE of them. The song is basically a repeating hook, a verse, and right back to that repeating hook and another verse that sounds primarily like ad-libs.

Lastly, can I get a steel drum? This song was practically begging for at least a few moments of a steel drum to seal the deal on the vibe.

My feedback feels negative on this one, but the artist isn’t out here making conscious rap, so I will call the song what it is: a fun-loving summer vibe. For that, I give it a B. The energy is good, relaxing, and subtle. The lyrics are simple, non-sophisticated, and not entirely creative, but after about 15 seconds, anyone can follow along and even sing to it.

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