Independent Artist, Rich Pesos, is the Self-Proclaimed ‘MVP’

Independent Artist Rich Pesos is the Self Proclaimed MVP

I run into new artists in the funniest ways. I honestly don’t know how I ended up connecting with today’s artist, Rich Pesos, but he stood out to me because of a few things. He doesn’t spam with links, sends specific requests in the DM, and pays attention to what I tell him in passing discussions.

If you work with me, especially if you submit a song for review, you know it will take me a minute to get to you. This artist followed up correctly and provided more information when needed. He asked for genuine feedback without getting defensive. Now, that is how you move. Finally, after 3+ weeks of waiting, I have that review ready for you. Check out the self-proclaimed ‘MVP,’ Rich Pesos.

Rich Pesos is a hip-hop artist out of Elizabeth, New Jersey. In addition to his work as an artist, Rich serves as a producer and songwriter. He is the owner and CEO of Rich Dreams Music, his independent music label. He takes much of his inspiration in hip-hop and business from 50 Cent. His music is relatable and the artist frequently shares about his life and experiences that are universal.

When asked what inspired him to start a career, Rich Pesos shared a peek into his early days as a dreamer. “I was inspired to make music mainly because when I was young, my older brother would always get new music CDs and cassette tapes with hip hop and R&B artists. It started my passion for music.”

Rich Pesos was motivated to start his label after conducting industry research on the avenues available to independent artists. Knowing he intended to stay independent, Rich chose to bet on himself and build his brand with the label.

independent artist Rich Pesos poses seated on a couch counting money while fog and lights flash from behind

‘MVP’ is a rap track, straightforward, talking that talk. You will notice the introduction featuring that Funkmaster Flex blast sound. You are familiar already with that noise if you listen to NY radio at night. Every rapper in the game needs to have at least one song where they talk about their accolades, how big and bad they are, and how they are great at something. “MVP” is just that for Rich Pesos.

Rich Pesos was inspired to create the piece because he feels he’s the best at what he does as an independent artist, producer, and songwriter. On this project, Rich says, “At the end of the day, I can compete with the best artists in the world, and I’m trying to prove that every day. Overall, “MVP” represents my mindset and approach to my music.”

The sound on “MVP” is real East Coast hip hop and rap. It has some hints of boom-bap with an old-school feel. It is mixed on the brighter side with vocals not as compressed or mellow as most old-school-type tracks.

Lyrically, the song is good. I enjoyed some creative wordplay that I don’t hear in every rap song. On the downside, some complicated flows seem a little disjointed at points in the piece.

As for the hook and chorus, you won’t forget it. You will not forget it because it’s repetitive, and “I’m the MVP” will be emblazoned into your mind. I have mixed feelings about repeating a single word stylistically, but after about 50 listens to the song, it’s growing on me. You all can make your own decisions and call on that and let me know what you think in the comment section.

My favorite part of the track was the baseline. It’s solid and guides the song along without too much question as to the pattern. A good baseline will always get your head moving.

Does “MVP” make the grade? Is this track the MVP for Rich Pesos? I am going to give it a B. It’s a fun track with a few flaws, which can be said about a lot of modern music. I have added it to my own liked songs collection on Spotify. I think you should too, just to see if it gets stuck in your head. Hats off to Rich Pesos for doing it all on this song. I enjoyed listening to it and digging into the intricacies of the piece.

If you decide to tap into Rich Pesos and his music, he’s been working like crazy, releasing more music while waiting for this review (if you can believe that). The man hustles and is really going after his dream, so cheers to you, Rich!

Check out ‘MVP’ and Rich Pesos’ growing catalog here or connect with him on Instagram for more information.

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