Island Pop/Hip Hop Artist, Kupid aka Q, Releases New Album

Island Pop/Hip Hop Artist, Kupid aka Q, Releases New Album

In July 2022, the album ‘Thank Q‘ landed in my email inbox, and after a quick preview, I knew I wanted to write about the project. The rap sections are solid, and, in general, the project makes me move. Follow along with me as I break down the project track by track and share what I learned about the rap, hip-hop, and island pop artist, Kupid aka Q.

Q is no stranger to the music business. He has been performing since he was a teen and made his first big break when he joined the Caribbean group, Corssovah. As a solo artist, Q has released several projects that blend and blur musical genre lines, working as a rap, hip-hop, and island pop artist. Thanks to his work with Gyptian and Troyton Rami, Kupid is rightfully receiving global attention. His list of accomplishments is long, and his following is growing daily. On ‘Thank Q’ and his many other projects, listeners will hear that Q is comfortable blending and working in many genres, including hip hop, R&B, reggae, soca, and pop, and why he is well-received in the industry.

‘Thank Q’ was released in March of 2022 and found its way to my inbox in early July 2022. ‘Thank Q’ is an album loaded with rap, R&B, dancehall, and pop crossover vibes. There is something for everyone in the ten-song collection. I thoroughly enjoyed listening through the whole project, and I think you’ll be hooked on Q after you check him out.

Track by track, let’s check out the project.

The first track, ‘Good Vibes,’ is a fun track that’s light and playful with not necessarily summer vibes but bouncy ones. Kupid mixes in his rap verses while $kip and TJ Da DeeJay bring smooth chorus and energy to the piece.

Something 2 Say‘ is a chill-hop track with clever bars, pop culture, and music references, telling a solid story about a come-up. I’m not a fan of the hook because of the treatment on the vocals for the repeating lines, but the verses are solid and catchy.

Next on the list is ‘Into It‘ with Freezy. I LOVE this song, and the mix of rap with dancehall/reggae sound from Freezy makes this track a winner. I guarantee you will move something when you hear it. ‘Into It’ is easily my favorite track on the project. I highly recommend it. If you listen to nothing else, listen to this one.

Poetic Justice‘ follows ‘Into It’ with another laid-back rap vibe, a little faster than chill-hop with some trap-reminiscent drums and a creative slow. At just over 2 minutes, with an ad-lib-laden intro, I wished this track was a little longer for the detail of hustling that the track highlights.

Playbook‘ featuring Ziggy Ranking brings in one of my favorite elements of any song: a clapping section. I have no idea why I love this so much, but it pulls the energy levels of any song WAY UP. The track builds well, Q kills his rap verses, and while listening, I can’t help but flash back to my college days dancing to Soca music at late-night house parties. Kupid reminds me, sonically, of Lupe Fiasco on this track, and I love it.

Top of the World‘ continues with that same Lupe Fiasco vibes concerning Q’s flow and voice sound. I love the tempo changes in this track and how the rap verses are balanced out by a relaxed vocal in the chorus and hook sections. It’s a love song without being a love song, not too sweet, but just enough to get the message across. “Feel like I’m top of the world, got me money and my girl.”

Track 7 is ‘Jockey.’ The intro and hook on this were different, and I am not sure if it is different in a good way. There is some dissonance between the vocals and the instrumentals, and the melody makes me think of a broken children’s toy to the point that it distracts me from the lyrics. ‘Jockey’ is my least favorite track, but not because of the content of the writing. I could not get past the instrumentals on this one, and while there were some dope bars and references, the freaky circus/doll house energy was too much for me.

Up Next‘ is up next. The bars are simple, the ad-libs are fun, and the flow is predictable. ‘Up Next’ is a solid win. Everyone on the track brings good energy and creative lyricism. My only criticism of this track is the repeating in Q’s verse… when you hear it, you’ll know what I’m saying. Otherwise, this song is radio-ready.

Second, to last is ‘Respek.’ I’m not too fond of the intro ad-libs on this song. I am weird about those. Why are you talking to yourself or saying random words or sounds before you say something on the mic? I digress. I love the “money, power, respect” repeat because it’s timed and placed well, and powerful lyric no matter who uses it. ‘Respek’ is just okay for me. The bars are a little too basic and predictable, not saying much original, but the lyrics are relatable, so I can see how some people will connect with this track.

The final track, ‘Thank Q,’ is another chill-hop/boom-bap track. I like the little kids singing the verse. It’s cute and brings a different type of energy. I also like the rhythm of the track and the way that the track progresses and cuts out. The song drips luxury and speaks about the good life. This one is also a win for me.

So, does ‘Thank Q’ make the grade? Is this project explosive, or is it a bomb? My personal opinion here is that ‘Thank Q’ is a fun, vibrant project that you’ll love to listen to with the windows down and the sun shining on you. It’s all over the place in terms of sound and genre, and while not everyone will love the project from top to bottom, almost everyone will find a song they love from it. I give the whole thing a solid A, have added some tracks to my own lists, and look forward to seeing continued success for ‘Thank Q.’ Well done. 💋

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