One Last ‘Baecay’ Before the End of the Summer

One Last Baecay Before the End of the Summer

CAL. is a marketing professional, independent musician, rapper, producer, the guy who does everything, and the ‘Friday Night Frequency’ series guest host for Photobombshell Radio. Since I connected with him years ago, he has been supportive, innovative, and relentless in promoting his music and the music of independent artists (sound familiar?). Because he never misses an opportunity for promotion, CAL.’s new song and a digital call to action landed firmly in my inbox on July 22. Now the track is nearing 10,000 streams, and while I am three weeks behind everyone else, I am now falling in love with his latest song, ‘Baecay,‘ in collaboration with DarioDMusic (shoutout to the bestie) and the lovely Adaeya.

We did a run down on CAL., but let’s take a few moments to dive into DarioDMusic. You may recall DarioDMusic from his past interviews on Photobombshell, which is how I first connected with him. Listen to his first interview with me and learn why I refer to him as my best friend. DarioDMusic is a Trinidadian artist from Canada with his roots planted in music, so it’s no surprise that Dario is an accomplished R&B, hip-hop, dancehall, and pop artist.

Adaeya is an artist who is new to me but certainly not new to the music scene. She is a Trinidadian singer, songwriter, and producer from Toronto, Canada, making waves with her soulful voice and eclectic musical influences ranging from Bob Marley to Led Zepplin. Adaeya has been growing her catalog since 2018, and ‘Baecay’ is a perfect addition to the collection.

Baecay Song Album Art

“Baecay” is as straightforward as it seems. This track is a song about taking a vacation with your bae and spending the whole summer together. It’s a tropical vibe with rap sections from CAL., the hook performed by DarioDMusic, and the chorus by Adaeya. It’s a perfect mix of rapping and singing. You’ve got positive vibes about spending time with your boo, relaxing, and enjoying life.

DarioDMusic and Adaeya are bright spots on this track with well-placed playful vocals that lean sultry without being sexual. It’s a sound that will move you, but not so much that you need to get out of your beach chair. “Baecay” is a perfectly timed song for an end-of-the-summer getaway.

Does “Baecay” make the grade? YES. I give the track an A-. I wouldn’t say that it goes as far as to be awarded the “explosive sound” label, but it’s a great vibe with a great sound. The vocals are clean, and the track is well-produced, mixed, and mastered. Production is incredible, with the vocal sounds and all accompanying percussion, melodies, and ad-libs following the vacation theme.

There is truly nothing out of place that pulls the ear, which I value and appreciate because I was able to move through the song effortlessly. I enjoyed the lyrics, with the rap verses trailing behind the catchiness of the hook and chorus.

I find it hard to lay down any notable criticism with so much to love about this song. ‘Vibing with my bae” is the perfect way to end the summer, so grab a ginger beer, book that last-minute trip, and bop to this song on a loop for the entire flight.

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