New to You Music: Dat Kid Deuce’s ‘BUSSIT’ is Worth Spinning the Block

Dat Kid Deuce's 'BUSSIT' is Worth Spinning the Block

I am so grateful to the collective of artists and creatives who continue to support what I do. My online community here at is a microcosm that takes care of itself and one another. The content I produced for my radio show almost four years ago continues to work hand-in-hand with building relationships with independent artists, highlighting their work, and helping me discover their industry challenges and needs.

By learning about all of you, I can better provide or navigate toward resources to make independent musicians competitors in the music industry. One guest, Dat Kid Deuce, continues to promote anything I am doing. He often asks poignant questions that I research and share with all, and for that, I am so grateful. While you can check out his radio interview on demand, today we are reviewing ‘BUSSIT,’ a song I shared my enthusiasm for on his interview episode. The track might not be new, but if you haven’t heard it, it’s new to you, so buckle up!

Who is Dat Kid Deuce?

Dat Kid Deuce is a creative and down-to-earth presence, and once you get talking to him, his personality shines. A rapper from Buffalo, New York, Deuce has been making music since elementary school.

Even though he is still a young cat, Deuce has worked diligently since his first project release in 2020 to develop himself as an artist. Through that development, he has created a catalog that appeals best to his niche. I describe his sound as pop-rap. He seems to have his finger on the pulse of commercially popular rap music and aligns himself well.

About ‘BUSSIT’

‘BUSSIT’ appears on Dat Kid Deuce’s 2019 EP, Troubles of Skumbag Deuce. The first time I heard ‘BUSSIT’ I wasn’t analyzing the lyrics. I vibed to the hook and the beat because it is TOO CATCHY. As the ad-libs announce, ‘BUSSIT’ is a summer anthem. ‘BUSSIT’ is one of those tracks that will grab your ear. The instrumentals are fun and the rhythm offers changes that the listener can almost anticipate as the song progresses.

$kumbag Deuce BUSSIT Album Art

I know listeners will love the bass that weaves in and out of the track and the tension building with the hook. “I came, I saw, I’m ’bout to get in them draws.” The lyrics aren’t pristine. Neither is the flow, but the creativity and the energy put into this song make it a fast favorite. Given that this is one of Dat Kid Deuce’s earliest projects, I was impressed in 2019 and continue to marvel and his growth while giving this track the freshman hype it deserves.

My favorite parts of ‘BUSSIT’ are the creative samples and how they are seamlessly integrated with the bars, not just laid on top of the track. I also love the bounce to the song and how Deuce stayed on theme and message throughout. He is talking about bussin it open the whole damn time, which I appreciate. A girl gets really tired of trying to follow along on tracks with lyrical ADHD.

Does Bussit make the grade?

I know I am biased when I say this, but I genuinely love this track, and the fact that it has stayed in the forefront of my mind for several years as a standout should speak volumes about the artist and his work. I think anyone who loves commercially popular music will connect with this one and have very little to say for criticism. Those who may ding this track for lyrics or flow changes might want to look further into Dat Kid Deuce’s catalog, which offers progress in both areas.

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