Louisiana Artist, PgmKing, Drops New Track, ‘EyesOnYou’

Louisiana Artist, PgmKing, Drops New Track, 'EyesOnYou'

PgmKing is one of the many artists I’ve connected with through my work with independent artists on social media. His music has a uniquely eclectic sound, represented in his rap, R&B, and hip-hop catalog with a little southern vibe. Because his music doesn’t check just one box, I asked PgmKing how he would describe his style. From what he tells me, he doesn’t define his sound because he can work his way into many genres. Instead, he focuses on expressing himself in any given moment. For the future, he says he looks forward to trying new things and experimenting musically.

Who is PgmKing?

The independent artist, originally from Varnado, Lousiana, has been writing and creating music since he was 12. When asked what inspired and motivated him to get into the music industry, he says, “I always had a passion for music, just how people could put their life into music in a way that I can relate to them. It makes you feel not so lonely when you have no one to turn to.” With growing discography, PgmKing can be found by his artist name on all digital streaming platforms.

PgmKing Shares About ‘EyesOnYou’

It’s been a month since the release of ‘EyesOnYou‘ and as usual, I am still catching up. With a few weeks under its belt, ‘EyesOnYou’ is performing well, working its way up to other popular tracks from PgmKing’s catalog.

What’s this song all about? PgmKing tells me that ‘EyesOnYou’ comes from a place of lust. He says, “I know it’s not a good thing, but that is the truth. ‘EyesOnYou’ is about when you see a person that you would want to have something with, but you’re too scared to approach them. If I could approach her, what would I say to her? After asking myself, I let my mind wander as I wrote.”

‘EyesOnYou’ was the result. It starts slow, seeing someone on the train and wondering what might happen if you ended up together behind closed doors. After that, this song rapidly moves from an Usher or Alicia Keys storybook-type meet cute to a graphic sexual storytime, so brace yourselves.

Does ‘EyesOnYou’ Make the Grade?

‘EyesOnYou’ is perfect for that Demon Time playlist I know you’ve all been curating since you started reading my music reviews. I did not love how distinctly different the featured artists were from PgmKing and his flow, with a notable difference in cadence and lyrical style. There are some clunky moments later in the track that listeners will hear, almost in competition with the beat of the song. Outside of that, it’s raunchy and graphic, which was entertaining. The melody is soothing and deceiving if you zone out from the lyrics, which I consider a win.

Generally speaking, I think it was a great track. Does it make the grade on explosive sound? I would give ‘EyesOnYou’ a solid B+. I liked the overall sound, the song concept, the main artist, and his thought process, and I see huge potential and room for growth here. Drop your ratings in the comments, and let me know what you think.


For more on PgmKing, ‘EyesOnYou,’ and his current catalog, connect with the artist @pgmking on all social media and digital streaming platforms.

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