New All-Independent Spooky Season Playlist for Your Halloween Kickback

Featured Image, Text: New All-Independent Spooky Season Playlist for Your Halloween Kickback. Features Image of Halloween themed 3D pumpkins and ghosts on the left side in a white frame.

If you are looking for a Halloween music playlist, you’re in the right place! I am sharing my current Spooky Season playlist with you this week, featuring thirteen (my lucky number!) of my favorite independent artists that happen to have songs fitting the theme and season. Feel free to save the playlist, share it with your friends, stream it at your events, and enjoy! 

Spooky Season Playlist Details

This Halloween music playlist, hosted on Spotify and Apple Music, features the following songs that I know you will love: 

spooky season playlist. Image features a magenta background with a white 3D style ghost graphic in the center and the playlist title on the left side.
  1. ‘Halloween Town’ – John Concepcion
  2. ‘Tell Me Your Secret’ – Tricia Lo
  3. ‘Spooky Link’ – John Concepcion and Miles B
  4. ‘Spooky Hours’ – Chris Fields
  5. ‘The Rich Ghost’ – Famus AAA
  6. ‘Spooky’ – CAL.
  7. ‘Candy Man’ – Hazzy Foreign
  8. ‘Half Past Demon Time’ – Pap Star
  9. ‘Nightmares Again’ – Dana Dane
  10. ‘moonlight’ – WiBXY
  11. ‘Abracadabra’ – Qveen Herby
  12. ‘Baba Yaga’ – RichFraz and Chris Fields
  13. ‘The Ghost of Christopher Wallace’ – Ciph Boogie (featuring Jarvie) 

Check out all of these artists and their complete catalogs! Many artists here have other Halloween-themed music, tracks, and albums. Some have already been featured in-depth on through reviews or interviews and you may just find your new favorite artist.

Love this list? The contents will grow and change as more Spooky Season playlist style songs come out on the independent music scene. Stay tuned for changes! I am already working on the next set of holiday hits from independent artists for the winter season. 

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