Jersey City’s TAYNZAE are the Life of the Party

Jersey City's TAYNZAE are the Life of the Party

This week I am finally getting through the mountains of emails that have come through and When I opened a new music promo email from DJ Chase, the bold heading, “Jersey City’s Own,” caught my eye. Upon closer inspection, I learned that the featured artists are TAYNZAE, Jersey City natives, and unsigned artists. ‘Life of the Party,’ which was released on all streaming platforms on November 4, had landed in my inbox. Being a long-time former Jersey City resident of 15 years, I knew I was in for something good and listened to the track. Here are my thoughts.

Who are TAYNZAE?

While there isn’t much about them floating around on the internet, TAYNZAE have a well-written bio on Spotify that educated me about the duo. As described, TAYNZAE were born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. Their backstory and exposure to gun violence and poverty are not uncommon as products of the area, but their energy and sound certainly stand out. TAYNZAE chose music as a vehicle out of the struggle, following a long tradition of rap and hip-hop artists doing the same. Emerging artists in the scene, the pair seemingly have found themselves well-connected with marketing and performance opportunities. I wish the best for them because Jersey City holds a special place in my heart.

TAYNZAE promotional image for Life of the Party. Image features both artists in matching orange tees and black jeans, seated on a sidewalk with a grey background.

Life of the Party

The track, as you might guess, is an up-tempo party-style track with lyrics that align with the concept. The whole energy of the single starts high and stays up the entire time. If you want to move, this is an ideal track for that. While the lyrics aren’t anything unexpected, the flows are fun. Both artists move with intentionality on the beat, making the track entertaining while remaining predictable enough to follow along. My only points of contention with the project are that it is very short, coming in under two minutes, with a couple of instrumental-only segments that seemed to be wasted opportunities for solid bars or witticism.

Does ‘Life of the Party’ Make the Grade?

Check out TAYNZAE’s ‘Life of the Party‘ for yourselves and comment below with your feedback and grades. Does ‘Life of the Party’ qualify as explosive music?

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