New Album, Strangers 2, is Bringing Creatives Together in 2022

New Album Strangers 2 is Bringing Creatives Together in 2022

This article is a guest post, written and shared by CAL., an independent artist, graphic designer, and entrepreneur in the independent music space. For more information on CAL. and what he does, check out In this article, he speaks on his most recent project, ‘Strangers 2,’ the follow-up to ‘Strangers.’

Strangers 2

Since March 2022, I’ve slowly been curating an idea that would include some very talented individuals. The individuals I’ve networked and built relationships with would form a collaborative project, that made the idea come to life. That idea is called #STRANGERS. Strangers is a creative effort with independent artists that I deemed to be dope. It’s been a pleasure contacting every artist individually to participate. Each artist has something in store for you, all different vibes and visions of sound from various states, countries, and ethnicity. 

The goal with #STRANGERS was to bring everyone together collectively and to present my specific hand-picked roster of artists to the public. These artists work hard and are very passionate about their craft. The Music speaks for itself. So without further ado, I present to you STRANGERS 2.

Artists on ‘Strangers 2’ include some names you have read and heard about here as well as many new faces and voices. Once you’ve listened through the project, if you want to connect with any of these musicians, you’ll find their Instagram links below.

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