Arsnn: New Name, New Year, New Fire

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It’s 2023, and we are kicking off the year with new music from an independent artist, ARSNN. The name may sound familiar, as ARSNN is no stranger to Photobombshell Media. While we bumped into one another professionally through a friend of a friend, he has appeared on the radio show and social media platforms often and remains connected behind the scenes.

Previously, we explored music and music production with ARSNN under his former monicker, Arsn Nyght. He shared some of his origin story on the radio show, but today we go a little further. Arsnn has been going through changes, and some of the most impactful changes will come to fruition in 2023. For this artist, passion and drive have only burned brighter with time. 

Arsnn: His New Vibe and Strategy

For a fair amount of his early career, Arsnn was doing just fine working in the shadows, creating music in his humble way. As an experienced producer, he has amassed a significant body of work, and quietly, he is ready to stand out in front of the world and showcase his diverse and unexpected signature sound. 

When Arsnn and I spoke on Photobombshell Radio in 2020, we discussed his Puerto Rican roots, how he started in music, his EP Nyght Music, and his publishing company and label. We chatted about his challenges and his growth as an artist that year. 

In 2023, I only see huge things for him, and Arsnn is already ahead of the game with a 2022 fourth-quarter release of several singles and visuals sure to run up the numbers in early 2023. With a focus on organic growth in his following and listenership, he has made efficient moves and lined up audio and visual treats from 2022 to enjoy through the early part of the year while he prepares even more music for release. 

Arsnn and His 2022 Visuals

End of Time

Arsnn and Jason Gorey partnered to release the futuristic gem, ‘End of Time,’ on YouTube on September 14, 2022. The sound and visuals align with a pleasant, chill, futuristic vibe and electric sound. Arsnn is featured as a player in a game and sings about positivity. This song, and honestly, the collection of his 2022 fourth quarter projects, are highly motivating and inspire action – perfect for the start of a new year. 

Video Credits

  • Video Created By: Arsnn & Jason Gorey
  • Futuristic Setting Prod By: Audiomonsterz Music
  • Filmed By: Visualmonsterz Media (Jason Gorey) 

Track Info


On October 14, 2022, Arsnn released the official music video for ‘Sometimes’ on Youtube. Listeners will be pleased and surprised to see Arsnn front and center in the video, starring as the heartbroken male lead wondering if the love of his life is an opportunity that is in the past. I won’t ruin the video for you, but there are some twists and turns that caught me by surprise and a monologue that will resonate with many. Even if you don’t listen to the song (but please do!), this video is an excellent and highly entertaining drama. 

The song itself is a smash. There are genre-bending elements ranging from sad pop, electric, hip hop, and even trap in the song, and when paired with the music video and monologue, you get a clear picture of the heartache Arsnn is trying to express with this song. To the guys who worry about their masculinity: the track still goes hard. Tune in and listen. You’ll thank me. 

Video Credits

  • Video Created By: Arsnn

Track Info

The Enemy 

The Halloween 2022 release of the official video for ‘The Enemy’ was just too perfect. The video is dark and ominous, a post-apocalyptic setting that Arsnn describes as inspired by your favorite horror films. In the video, viewers will see Arsnn and Jason on the hunt for haters. The visuals perfectly pair with a trap-style beat and spooky melody carrying the lyrics that describe toxic people who surround you when you shine. 

Video Credits

  • Song Prod: Arsnn
  • Video Created By: Arsnn & Jason Gorey
  • Filmed By: Visualmonsterz Media & Uncle JIM 

Stuck In My Ways

Arsnn released the official music video to ‘Stuck In My Ways’ to YouTube on November 25, 2022. I was immediately locked in when I saw the location as northern New Jersey. Many of you will be captivated by the video introduction featuring Arsnn as a leather-clad truck driver receiving cryptic phone calls from a mysterious man named Ricardo. The action-style video is necessary for a song like ‘Stuck In My Ways.’ Just as with the release of the ‘Sometimes’ visual, this video brings drama! 

Carrying through on the message of freedom, living on the edge, and being who you are, ‘Stuck In My Ways’ is a chill vibe for the headstrong and passionate on those off moments when they need to take a breather. Arsnn touches on anxiety, relentless pursuit of success, and themes I find other independent artists and entrepreneurs will enjoy. If you need something to vibe to, this is the one. 

Video Credits

Track Info


  • Geovany Sepulveda Sr
  • Jermaine E. Morgan
  • Kleber Vera
  • Victor Gorri
  • Ricardo Villacoco 

Arsnn Shares Plans for 2023

Arsnn has mentioned plans for releasing new music and visuals in February 2023, and when he does, you can find out about it here. The release calendar will reflect updates and changes weekly so check back frequently and connect with Arsnn on social media for the latest news.

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