2woAM Releases A Full Moon Dream with Red Bones & Lullabies

Red Bones & Lullabies News Release Featured Image. The article title is right center and the icon on the left in s white square frame features the album art from the project, 2woAM seated wearing a cream coat, brown top and black pants.

This week, I share a special release timed with the full moon. If any artist could consistently do this and have it make sense for their brand, it would be 2woAM. What I thought might have been a clever album release strategy is his cleverly laid plan for releases based on the full moon. I could not love this more because the plan speaks to his niche and provides anticipation for future projects. Today, I am covering a brief interview I had with him on his 4-track EP release, ‘Red Bones & Lullabies,’ which is live NOW! 

Track List for 2woAM's Album Red Bones & Lullabies. 

001 Give My Heart
002 Pocahontas
003 Lost My Mind (Miami)
004 Red Bone Melodies

About Red Bones & Lullabies

2woAM: It has been since January 2022 since I last dropped music officially, and I only drop new music on full moons. That’s my niche. 

2woAM: It’s a year later, and I decided to drop four new songs inspired by my new love interest, hence the name, ‘Red Bones & Lullabies.’ I am not good with saying things out in the open and making music was always my of expressing myself to others, whether from a heartbreak experience or a new love experience. I just wanted to pour my heart out one last time to let the woman I care about how serious I am or was. I love hard and want to express that to the listener.

2woAM: To explain the cover a little bit, I am very fashion-forward and have been dabbling in modeling since the start of my career about five years ago. I was inspired by Kanye and Young Thug when creating this cover. I wanted it to be simple, but beautiful and fashion-forward, that represents me as a model and an artist. 

2woAM: I want to be innovative, create things no one has ever seen, and present vibes with pure intent. I love LOVE, and what perfect time to drop a project right before Valentine’s Day? I want to treat my lady special, so I write songs about her. I hope she likes them. Fingers crossed!

Listeners can download and stream 2woAM’s ‘Red Bones & Lullabies’ anywhere you get your music! It is available NOW on all streaming platforms, so tap in. 

For more on 2woAM, his music, and his life, check him out on Instagram: @2woAMofficial.

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