Interview with Chris “Phantom” Fields Reveals Secrets to Recent Success

Interview with Chris "Phantom" Fields Reveals Secrets to Recent Success

As an independent musician, how connected do you feel to your audience? This week, I sit down with independent artist Chris “Phantom” Fields, covering how his music relates to the human experience and the incredible reach he has seen with his body of work to date. In this interview, we discuss how his initial break into music has moved him down his current path. We also cover how human connection has increased his fanbase and relationships with his followers, fans, and listeners. Find out how he does it and learn more about what’s in store for this multi-talented artist in our discussion below.

Chris “Phantom” Fields Speaks on Connecting with Your Audience

Photobombshell: Hey, Chris! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me and get this interview down. I have wanted to hear your story for a long time, and I am looking forward to what comes out today. In a recent article reviewing your album, ‘What I Meant to Say,’ you touch on your origin story a bit, but please share about who you are, where you are from, and how you got your start in music.

Chris “Phantom” Fields: Well, I’m a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer, originally from Brooklyn, New York, born and raised. I’ve been doing music for my whole life. I started out singing in church and school, ultimately progressing into creating music independently. When I was in middle school I started making music. I was in a gifted and talented program. From there, I moved on to my high school’s music academy. In that program, I learned everything from piano and music history to music theory. I was also good at poetry, leading me to write rhymes.

After I graduated, my love for music grew into what it is today. If you fast forward a few years, I began putting out songs on MySpace. While doing that, I garnered over 100k+ plays. That got the attention at the time of the Fabolous affiliate, Freck Billionaire, among others. Then, I began getting opportunities to do shows around the country. I have been releasing music ever since.

Photobombshell: Wow! I’m a former gifted and talented kid myself. I think, and maybe I am a little biased here, that the G&T kids have a little something special on the creative side. That’s cool.

It seems like you were born to create music. Whenever we chat, I get this vibe that you are hungry to get your music as far and wide as possible. Since ‘What I Meant To Say‘ was released, I have seen your music start to move. You’ve garnered more of those streams, which I feel the project rightfully deserves. What made that project special, and what efforts from that album release do you think were most effective?

Chris “Phantom” Fields: Thank you for acknowledging that! I put a lot of hard work into this album, and it is always humbling to hear things like that. I believe what makes the project special is the relatable body of work that invokes every emotion. My goal was to take you on a journey. I wanted to share things I have been through, emotions I’ve felt, the highs, the lows, and everything in between. The efforts that I believe made it effective were everything I did in marketing myself. I started sharing my story and letting people feel a part of my journey. 

Photobombshell: That’s one of my favorite tips! I always encourage artists to share about themselves, not just about the release, because people buy YOU first and become invested in your journey when they feel connected to you. Speaking of getting connected to you…where did you get the name Phantom and what significance does it have to you as an artist? 

Chris “Phantom” Fields: My first project, ‘Phantom Muzik,’ was me talking my shit. It had a lot of dark undertones, so the name for that project fits. My whole aura was mysterious, and all of my homies would always say, “this dude moves like a phantom does.” Also, like a Rolls Royce Phantom vehicle, my persona speaks to quality, style, etc. I’m behind the scenes with how I move. Not everything I do, like a Rolls Royce, is advertised. I hated it at the time because I always went by Cdotfields or Cdot. My homie Qwiz and anyone he introduced me to just started calling me that consistently and the more he said it, the more it stuck. The name speaks to my persona and seems to resonate with the fans.  

Photobombshell: With the success of your last several projects, there is a lot to be excited about. On the other side, as a natural problem solver always looking to make that path a little less chaotic for independent artists, I wonder what you think is the greatest challenge for independent musicians in 2023?

Chris “Phantom” Fields: The greatest challenge is constantly finding ways to reinvent yourself. What worked in the previous year may not be the formula that works for the next. It is a constant reinvention process to keep the fans engaged and entertained. That is, by far, the most challenging aspect of making music, but not impossible. 

Photobombshell: Conversely, what do you consider the most rewarding aspect of making music as a chosen profession? 

Chris “Phantom” Fields: For me, the biggest reward is knowing your music affects lives. It’s gratifying to hear things like, my song, ‘Sunday Dinners,’ really connects with people to the point where they take my song and self-reflect on how to change their lives because of it. As an artist, you write and create music that speaks to you, but it’s amazing when it affects others!

Photobombshell: What a refreshing answer. I am sure most artists, deep down, want that connection on some level as well. Music is an incredible way of sharing the human experience, and I agree with you about how cool that can be. 

I know you do so much behind the scenes that doesn’t get the fanfare it deserves. That speaks to the saying that when someone does something well, people assume it is easy. Take a few minutes to talk your shit and explain all you do behind the scenes to make the engine that is your music run. 

Chris “Phantom” Fields: Sheesh! What DON’T I do?! I rap on all the records, sing on all the hooks, produce (making beats), engineer (mix, master, and record), do the graphic design for my album covers & singles, and write all my songs. I try to embody being a musical Swiss Army knife. 

Photobombshell: That’s hysterical. I have never heard anyone refer to themselves as a musical Swiss Army knife, but if there were anyone who could do that, it would be you! What do you think is next for you in 2023? Are there any plans for performing or project releases already on the calendar? 

Chris “Phantom” Fields: For 2023, I’m going to focus on promoting my latest album, ‘What I Meant To Say,’ and releasing more singles. I am the type of artist that enjoys creating bodies of work, but I realize people gravitate toward singles rather than whole albums. For the summer of 2023, I’m looking to release an 8-track EP, produced entirely by me, entitled, ‘Faded Memories 2.’ The EP will model the original ‘Faded Memories’ EP, where I produced each song and flipped music from the 90s & early 2000s. I would love to perform if given the opportunity, but we will see. 

Photobombshell: It sounds like you have a busy year ahead, being in the limelight and working behind the scenes. You are always full of surprises, and I am sure your upcoming projects will be as unexpected as you are. What is something people may not know about you that would surprise them?

Chris “Phantom” Fields: I would say my age. 😂 Most people see me and think I’m this young guy, but when I tell them my age, they often are surprised. I’m an open book otherwise, so what the fans see is what they get. 

Photobombshell: Being that you have been in the game a while, young man, what is one piece of advice you would give another independent artist who is just starting?

Chris “Phantom” Fields: One thing I would suggest is to stay consistent. Consistency is key. With so many indie artists out now compared to how it was years before if you slack a minute, that gives opportunities for someone else to take your spot. 

Photobombshell: Great advice. Music (as a profession) has always been a competitive field, and hard work and consistency make you stand out when opportunities come your way. That consistency is something I see in your work as well. 

Chris “Phantom” Fields: As an artist, I am constantly evolving and increasingly focused on making music that speaks to that evolution. As always, anyone looking for my new music, videos, beats, etc., can visit my website at My albums are available on all platforms now so continue to stream and run the numbers up! I have a new record that just dropped on January 10th called, ‘Let Me See It‘ that is now available on all streaming platforms! 

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