Valentine’s Day Playlists for Lovers and Haters

Valentine's Day Playlists for Lovers and Haters

I used to be the type who didn’t care about Valentine’s Day. I did not look forward to it in my younger days, nor did I dread the date coming up in mid-February. While I have come to love the holiday for creating an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the people we love, Valentine’s Day can be polarizing. Whether you celebrate love every day, you get blissed out on being a Valentine or showering your honey in love and gifts, or you wish the day would pass as quickly as possible, I’ve got you with the soundtrack to your Valentine’s Day, week, weekend, or month. I have curated two Valentine’s Day Playlists to meet the needs of lovers and haters of the day.

Check out the two Spotify Valentine’s Day playlists I’ve put together for the different ends of the spectrum.

Photobombshell’s Love Hate Playlist

This playlist is a special Valentine’s Day playlist for the toxic lovers and toxically loved, the love-weary souls, or just plain love haters. Reminisce on missed connections and breakups, or connect with your bitter little heart with this list. With a mix of independent artists and players from the majors, you’ll vibe out with the energy this Valentine’s Day (and maybe even pop this list on shuffle for other days too).

Love Hate Playlist for Jaded Babes by Photobombshell. A Valentine's Day Playlist

Photobombshell’s Be Mine Playlist

This one is for everyone who loves love in all of its forms. It’s mushy, gross, sexy, and romantic all at once, with a balance of musical genres and some throwback surprises. As always, I’ve mixed in some “new to you” music and well-loved favorites from independent artists you will adore. Play the whole Valentine’s Day playlist on repeat or take this list as inspiration and run with it.

Photobombshell's Be Mine Playlist. A Valentine's Day Playlist

As always, thank you all for the love and support of Photobombshell Media! Be good, but if you can’t be good, take pictures!


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