Bosslyfe Jaz Drops New Single, ‘I Was Just Wit ‘Em’

Bosslyfe Jaz drops new single, 'I Was Just Wit 'Em'

Following up on the success of his last single, ‘Morgan Freeman,’ Bosslyfe Jaz keeps applying pressure with his latest release, a single entitled, ‘I Was Just Wit ‘Em.’ This release has been available on digital streaming platforms for just over a week and is already pulling in radio time, spins from well-known DJs, and attention from all the right people.

About ‘I Was Just Wit ‘Em’ from Bosslyfe Jaz

The rap track is in line with Bosslyfe Jaz’s signature sound from ‘Morgan Freeman;’ dark and slightly melodic, with an old-school bounce in his flow. The piece speaks to the realities of the streets, losing people you’ve just spent time with seemingly in an instant. The lyrics speak to betrayal, the inability to trust others, and how street justice handles both. The title speaks for itself because it is a too-often-heard line when someone dies from street violence, “I was just with him.”

Does ‘I Was Just Wit ‘Em’ Make the Grade?

Overall, I am a fan of the project. The hook is catchy and memorable. The instrumental is reminiscent of the late 80s and early 90s hip hop and rap, featuring piano on the melody over trap drums. Working with Bosslyfe Jaz and his team with the playlisting concierge service has proved to be effortless. The new track is well-received and widely placed. I am not at all surprised to get such a solid follow-up to the smash, ‘Morgan Freeman.’ I am looking forward to Bossylfe Jaz continuing to grow his catalog. With his recent success in such a short time period, I am sure we are going to see (and hear) incredible things from him in the future.

I would classify this release as explosive new music, for sure. There are musical elements that will capture a wide audience, especially those people who, like myself, value bars and lyricism.

For more information on Bosslyfe Jaz and his music, connect with him on social media and listen to his music on all digital streaming platforms. We all know that Spotify is my favorite, but you can tap in wherever you listen.

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