Dane Richards: Authenticity and Big Moves in 2023

Dane Richards: Authenticity and Big Moves in 2023

From going viral regularly to becoming a household name, Dane Richards, AKA Mr. Energy, has big plans for his future, and stepping out from fear has been pivotal for his journey. Check out this interview with him, where we discuss how Mr. Energy came to be, his growing music career, and who Dane Richards is when the cameras are off.

An Interview with Dane Richards

Photobombshell: Hi, Dane! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me about yourself, your public persona, and your growing music career. I would venture to say that you are well-known as the ENERGY guy or Mr. Energy. How did you get started with this concept and find yourself in such an interesting niche for content creation?

Dane Richards: The concept of Mr. Energy started when I downloaded TikTok in 2020. I started making a video talking about being positive and spiritual but not getting it confused. I will still fight you while I balance these positive energies. 😂 From there, I took that video and just started being extra and very very very loud, and ever since then energy was here to stay. Then I got the name from all my viewers and supporters, Mr. Energy.

Photobombshell: Well, I can say that the name is fitting. You bring so much energy to everything you do. Thank you for always keeping us entertained. Many people STILL don’t know that you are, in addition to all the other things you do a musician and artist. What first inspired you to start creating music?

Dane Richards: I was first inspired to be an artist through writing poetry in elementary school. I started with this poem called Pain. Once I got to high school, I started listening to music frequently, and one of my biggest inspirations was J. Cole. He, more than anyone else, put the battery in my back to do music and is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to hip-hop. But my biggest inspiration overall would have to be Chris Brown and Tory Lanez. I relate to these artists more because I don’t put myself in a box, and I’m very versatile. I can honestly do it all. Yes, I can sing. I can rap, and I can do it better than a lot of artists in the mainstream right now.

Dane Richards models shirtless in leather pants

Photobombshell: I love that confidence and the history behind your story. As an independent artist, what is the most challenging aspect of your chosen path as a musician?

Dane Richards: The most challenging thing as an independent artist would have to be getting out your music and it flourishing as if you had a label behind you. Labels push everything, and they help you to be seen and heard everywhere because they have the outlets in connections for it. Independently, you have to do all of that by yourself, but there is beauty within the challenge.

Photobombshell: That’s awesome and a first for that response! I think that a great piece of advice for artists, move and operate as though they already have a label behind them. That brings me to you as a performer. I know that you like to perform live, and knowing what I know about your fanbase, I am sure you have some wild stories to tell about performing. What has been your craziest moment so far as a performing artist?

Dane Richards: Yes, I love performing! My craziest moment as a performing artist would be performing at SOBs. That was a dream come true. Some of the most legendary artists have performed at SOBs, and I got to do it for one of my first shows. The best part was that I got to share the stage with my best friend J-Stuy. We definitely set the tone.

Photobombshell: I love that. Congratulations on that event. As someone in the scene, I can attest to what an accomplishment it is to perform there, and being surrounded by people you care about makes it that much sweeter.

As someone building their music career and catalog, you have already found ways to stand out. What do you think makes your music special or sets it apart from others?

Dane Richards: I feel what makes my music special is the fact that it comes from a place that’s real, but also a place where I want to be. I don’t sound like anyone. Most artists coming up talk about their come-up. I do the same, but I don’t sound like anyone while I’m doing it. I can’t be compared to others right now, because I have my own specific and unique sound.

Dane Richards on set of the video shoot for "I'll Be Back." Dane Richards is seated over a basketball hoop, wearing a baseball hat varsity style jacket, grey hoodie, black jeans, and sneakers.

Photobombshell: I will have to agree with you there. You do have your own special sauce when it comes to sound. Talk to us about one of your most recent releases, ‘2 On The Dash. What’s the story behind it, and why is that track special to you?

Dane Richards: ‘2 On The Dash’ is a song I recorded over a year ago, and I just loved it ever since I recorded it. The hook relates to me and my come-up when it comes to social media, how, at one point, I was on top with content, and how I feel like I’m one of one when it comes to music. Hence the words, “running the plays or running the dash, cutting the fades couple days, gotta make this shit last. Two on the dash, yeah we going fast mill in the bag.”

I could’ve put it out, but one of my biggest fears without me realizing it was constructive criticism. One day I was sitting in my car, listening to it, and thought to myself, “damn, this song is fire!” And I just said, I’m dropping it tonight, and I don’t regret it. I made a short promotional video for it and dropped it that same night, and I got nothing but good reviews.

Photobombshell: Congrats to you! That is something I hear often about constructive criticism. Artists hold themselves back out of fear, but what you did in just letting go and releasing the project is huge. I hope more artists connect with that and do the same. You often talk about how who you are on social media is not as important as who you are in real life. What is something you are doing in real life that we don’t see on social media?

Dane Richards: Something I’m doing in real life, that’s not seen on social media, is getting closer to God. My faith in Jesus Christ is very strong, and more and more every day, I am getting closer to Him and what I feel is my overall calling.

Photobombshell: When are we doing to see you perform again live? What plans do you have for 2023?

Dane Richards: I should be performing sometime this summer or sooner this year. I have so many plans. You guys are about to see me on Twitch. You’re about to see me back on YouTube. You guys are about to see me doing things I’ve never done before just to get out there more.

Photobombshell: That’s so exciting to hear. I am very much looking forward to all of your future endeavors. As someone who is doing the thing in a big way, what is one piece of advice you would give another independent artist who is just starting?

Dane Richards: One piece of advice I will give any starting artist is just do it. As artists, we tend to overthink a lot when there’s not a lot to think about at all. If your craft is good, people are going to gravitate. Don’t think you need to do what everyone else is doing either. Stay true to yourself and what you feel. That’s what makes us artists at the end of the day.

Photobombshell: Perfect advice. I love that. As we come to a close here, I always want to give my artists the floor to share about new things that are going on with them or just nuggets of information they are dying to share. What have you wanted to talk about in an interview, but no one has asked yet?

Dane Richards: I’ve been dying to talk about the BANGERS I have coming out for you guys! The music is just getting better and better. Before 2023 is over, Dane Richards will be a household name!

Secondly, I love Brooklyn. I love New York with all my heart, but the next step for me is taking my talents to Atlanta! It is time I move this ENERGYYY to get bigger!!

Photobombshell: Yes, if you haven’t already heard, Mr. Energy is moving to Atlanta! Thank you again, Dane, for your time and ENERGY, as always. I wish you the absolute best in Atlanta. There is a growing independent music scene there, and I know you will do great things, as always. For those who are curious about Dane’s catalog, check him out here on Spotify and connect with him on TikTok and Instagram.

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