Priest Da Nomad is a Seasoned Professional with ‘Receipts’

Photobombshell Media Album Review: Priest Da Nomad is a Seasoned Professional with 'Receipts'

Who is Priest Da Nomad?

Priest Da Nomad is a well-seasoned emcee, hip-hop dancer, rapper, and artist from Washington, D.C. One of the early adopters and lovers of hip-hop during a time when it was not well-loved or understood, Priest Da Nomad has been on a journey. He has gone from rocking clubs and parties in the early 90s to increased accolades and attention in the mid-90s through present-day celebrating over 30 years of contributions to hip-hop culture in the DMV. Today, I dive into his latest project, ‘Receipts.’ The project is described as part love letter, part history lesson, and part vow renewal of Priest Da Nomad’s commitment to hip-hop culture.

Priest Da Nomad stands in front of a black brick wall with white graffiti style writing, wearing a black coat and a black heat with a red W embroidered on the front.
Priest Da Nomad

Priest Da Nomad Brings Receipts

Priest Da Nomad has much to say on his latest album, ‘Receipts.’ The 11-track project brings old-school flavor, boom-bap sound, solid rap bars, and solid storytelling throughout the project. This project has been out on digital streaming platforms for just over five months. With some time to get to the ideal listener, ‘Receipts’ is continuing to build momentum, garnering well-deserved attention. Anyone who loves the original hip-hop energy and sound will immediately connect with this project. With the creative beat selection, varied voices and tones, and samples that will light up memories from music past, the album is an easy listen that anyone can fall in love with.

Guess Who

Guess Who‘ is the second most popular track from the album, according to digital streams, and for a good reason. Blakka P and Priest Da Nomad bring hip-hop rap and dancehall reggae energy together to create a musical masterpiece. If you can listen to this entire track without moving your body, it’s a major red flag. This track slaps.

We Right Here

We Right Here‘ with Tracey Lee and DJ Celo runs just over four minutes, and every moment is action-packed. The track has a solid bounce, features a conversation on the old-school scene in the DMV, and celebrates the classics. Within the first few seconds of listening, I knew this would be my favorite track from the album.

You Are the Future

You Are the Future‘ is the longest record on the album, but that’s not the only superlative for this track. Listeners will notice the tone and energy change for the song, with an extended dreamy introduction, melodic vocalizations, and a message to future generations. A departure from the sonic profile of the album, Priest Da Nomad is making a statement here to listen to this message.

Live at the Party with DJ Spinna

Fall in Love with Hop Hop Again with Priest Da Nomad

If you love hip-hop, the evolution of hip-hop since its start 50 years ago, and connect with different eras, this project is a perfect match. There are nods and homage paid to hip-hop and rap in this creative project where old meets new. You can hear that Priest Da Nomad poured his heart and soul into ‘Receipts,’ and it’s a beautiful ride to listen through. It is nostalgic yet tied to the now. Check out ‘Receipts‘ wherever you stream your music and connect with Priest Da Nomad on social media. You will not be disappointed.

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