Get to Know Tinywiings with Latest Release, ‘1128 Freestyle’

Get to Know Tinywiings with Latest Release, '1128 Freestyle' by Photobombshell Media

You may know Canadian rapper, songwriter, and poet, Tinywiings based on her social media following, her musical and viral success of past releases such as ‘Her Face,‘ or her spicy showstopping personality. Whatever the case, she is back on the scene in a big way with her latest release. For background on her, check out our previous radio interviews and interactions. I have been following her for a long time and am so impressed with her most recent single, ‘1128 Freestyle.’

Tinywiings looks over her shoulder with pastel rainbow hair flowing down her back.

Tinywiings has a unique style, blending different hip-hop elements and experimental music. She crosses genres with fluency and can seemingly jump on any track with ease. Her lyricism is quick-witted and shocking at times. She is known for her introspective and emotional lyrics that often touch on personal struggles and experiences and her in-your-face expression of her sexuality. Her flow stands out for its versatility and unique cadence.

1128 Freestyle

Her latest release, ‘1128 Freestyle,‘ showcases Tinywiings’ skills as an artist. Listeners will hear the signature Tinywiings sound, with her vulnerable storytelling carrying the listener through her why and how of sobriety. The visuals are hypnotic, although simplistic. We literally follow Tinywiings around while she tells her story. Honestly, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Anyone struggling with sobriety or in recovery will connect with this track. It’s a stripped-down, raw look into the artist’s soul, marking a second life in her music career. The beat is vicious, haunting, dark, and relentless, a perfect match to the lyrics.

As a listener and fan, I speculated the impact that sobriety might have on Tinywiings’ musical career. I’m pleasantly pleased to report that she is still killing it. She is writing from the heart. Sobriety has her pouring the same passion and energy that we are used to from her into her music. As always, Tinywiings keeps her signature tone with great similes and metaphors linked to pop culture references, creating a compelling listening experience.

With only a few weeks on streaming platforms, the record is pulling in huge numbers, so people are reacting and most importantly tuning in. Overall, if you are a rap fan and enjoy artists unafraid to be seen in their lyrics, then Tinywiings’ ‘1128 freestyle’ is worth a listen.

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  1. This was a good read.
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    Great article! Tinywiings’ unique style and talent shine through in her latest release, ‘1128 Freestyle.’ The stripped-down and raw track showcases her vulnerability and storytelling. It’s great to see her pouring her passion and energy into her music even after getting sober.
    Thanks, Ely

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