Konelo Rome Talks Evolution and Opportunities for Emerging Artists

Konelo Rome Talks Evolution and Opportunities for Emerging Artists by Photobombshell.media

Konelo Rome is an artist from Norfolk, Virginia, early in his career, moving through life changes with high hopes for the changing climate of the music industry when it comes to independent artists. In this interview, he shares his musical inspiration, what motivates him, and a message to his peers on persistence. 

Photobombshell’s Interview with Konelo Rome

Photobombshell: Hi, Konelo! Thank you so much for taking some time to share your story with me! As a first-timer with Photobombshell.media, share a little bit about your backstory. Who are you, and what do you do?

Konelo Rome: I am an independent rap artist from Norfolk, Virginia, delivering quality music. I am a songwriter and performer, expanding my brand through business partnerships and creating daily musical content.

Photobombshell: I love it. I also love the idea of brand and business partnerships. How did you get started making music?

Konelo Rome: Music started for me first with wring short poems and stories. I have always been a creative, detailed, and talented writer. I would tour studios in my local area and listen to inspirational instrumentals from talented producers overseas. That is how I am inspired to create music.

Photobombshell: Many artists find their start in music through writing and poetry. I think that is so cool. Who or what has been a source of inspiration and motivation on this journey? 

Konelo Rome: My greatest source of inspiration and motivation is GOD. It’s amazing to witness my achievements and growth as an artist. I am proud to say I have two projects on my catalog, “Wise City” and my recent album, “Evolution.” It can be challenging to create a project dealing with personal everyday life. Creating a project from start to finish is a magical, indescribable feeling. It ignites a flame in me to keep going.

Photobombshell: I tend to favor and feature loads of artists from New York and New Jersey because they are artists that I connect with through events, festivals, and the rap and hip-hop tracks that pull my ear. As an artist from Virginia, do you feel you work harder in the rap and hip-hop space to be taken seriously?

Konelo Rome: I do work harder in the music space due to a lack of resources, but I do not feel like I must work harder to be taken seriously. Virginia has exceptionally talented artists, including myself. The challenge for us in Virginia is the lack of resources and events for local independent talents. I see the future of independent artists in Virginia growing in the right direction of getting recognition. I see more events and recourse as time goes on. 

Photobombshell: With a few projects already out in distribution, I know you are still actively working on promoting your recent album, “Evolution.” Talk to me about that album, the motivation behind it, and why it’s special.

Konelo Rome: “Evolution” is an incredibly special album to me because I was able to tell my story, be vulnerable, and relate to my listeners. On this album, I display my lyricism, diversity, and skills. This project has been therapeutic for me in my life. I was going through an evolutionary change in my life. I became a new father, learned what success means to me, became more business-minded, and realized my true happiness. 

Photobombshell: That’s amazing! Congratulations to you on fatherhood and all the changes with this project. It seems like you have come a long way. Since you started in music in 2016, from your perspective, how do you think things have changed for independent artists, for better or worse?

Konelo Rome: The support for independent artists has been better. Many people are open to listening to quality music from independent artists. Most people are now making music. There is a new artist every day releasing music. The music business is so accessible now. You can record music and videos on your cell phone in high quality. 

I am beginning to engineer my music because technology has advanced. Some apps allow artists to connect with their listeners on a personal level. There is an abundance of opportunity for artists to grow independently. 

Photobombshell: I agree with you there. Making music and releasing it as an independent artist is faster and more accessible now than ever. As you are doing the work as an independent artist, what practical tip or piece of advice can you offer your peers and fellow artists? 

Konelo Rome: The one piece of advice to my peers and fellow artists is to remain true to yourself and never give up. When we are on this journey, there will be challenges and obstacles that may pause our dreams, but never give up. Believe in yourself before you allow someone else to believe in you. Whatever you are pursuing in life, remember why you are doing it and stand by it. 

Photobombshell: You make such a poignant statement there: remember why you are doing it. This is huge. If artists and creatives can hold on to their true north and intrinsic motivation for creating music, it becomes easier to tackle challenges along the way. It becomes easier to have the discipline to continue. 

Of all of your songs, which one do you feel most embodies who you are and why?

Konelo Rome: The track, “Reflection,” from my album, “Evolution,” embodies who I am. On this track, I dive into my thoughts. “Reflection” displays where I was and where I am now. It recognizes my power and accomplishments. 

Connect with Konelo Rome

Photobombshell: Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing that and for giving us a glimpse into your life as a musician, artist, and creative. I am looking forward to your future projects! How can people find you and get connected for future releases?

Konelo Rome: Listeners can connect with me directly through my website: www.konelorome.com. Listeners can also subscribe to my website. Subscribing through the website will allow listeners to get notified about events and the latest music release details. 

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