Instagram Accounts Independent Musicians Need to Win In 2023

IInstagram Accounts Independent Musicians Need to Win In 2023 by Photobombshell

If you see this article, you likely have at least one social media account. In the coming social media miniseries, we discuss top social media accounts for independent and DIY artists and musicians. These accounts provide education, resources, and entertainment for the independent music crowd. Each share some gems to make your life easier as a creative.

This week, let’s dive into Instagram accounts independent musicians need to win in 2023! We cover who spends their time there, and the standout accounts that not only provide content that catches your eye but provide value and education that creatives can put to use! followers and community members know we have a social media following on several platforms. We also have a growing following on Instagram, where the content features articles from this site and educational tips and tricks from Photobombshell herself. 

Photobombshell Media

Photobombshell Media on Instagram

The account, @photobombshellmedia, provides a range of services, including concert and event photography, social media branding, music entrepreneurship resources, music news reporting, professional writing services for artists, and more. @photobombshellmedia works closely with musicians to create unique, personalized branding strategies that reflect their music and style. The business is committed to providing professional services that help clients stand out in a competitive market. Before you get to the list of Instagram accounts independent musicians need in 2023 (besides Photobombshell Media), follow us now! 

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10 Instagram Accounts Independent Musicians Should Follow

After consulting with the Photobombshell community on social media, friends and followers made some solid suggestions, included below. These accounts provide education and value for independent, DIY, and unsigned artists vetted by your peers. The Instagram accounts appear in no particular order and are all awesome! 

1. @rapcoalition

@rapcoalition is the Instagram page of the great and powerful Wendy Day. Wendy is a hip-hop artist mentor and consultant, building successful careers for rappers. Her work centers around building and monetizing independent labels and educating artists on the music industry. Her social media content is invaluable. She regularly shares insight into the music industry, contracts, record deals, and financing, speaking from a place of experience. 

2. @musicbreakr

@musicbreakr is the Instagram account for the MusicBreakr app, boasting a following of over 66,000 followers at the time of this article. The app, Breakr, is a creator-to-creator community connecting artists and musicians, content creators, brands, and more to accelerate marketing efforts. Followers will encounter discussions about musical artists, new music, music executives, influencers, and more. The account dives into how each impacts the musical ecosystem. MusicBreakr shares information on social media features and marketing strategies for artists in addition to Breakr’s website and app. 

3. @songtrust

Songtrust is a global publishing administrator. On its Instagram account, the company educates musicians and artists about publishing royalties, publishing rights, and the nuances in this area of the music business. Followers can expect high-quality educational information and multitudes of free resources in both English and Spanish. 

4. @bandcamp

Bandcamp is a platform for independent musicians to sell and promote their music. Their Instagram account features artists who use their platform, music history education, and information about the Bandcamp app. Bandcamp often shares details about the live streaming platform for musicians. The account’s 217,000 followers include music lovers looking to discover new music and a thriving community of musicians and creatives. 

@bandcamp’s Instagram account is a resource for independent musicians who use the platform to distribute their music and want to learn more about promoting themselves and connecting with their audience. It’s also a fun account for music lovers who want to discover new and unique independent artists from various genres.

5. is an Instagram account, part of the Amuse platform, a music distribution service for independent musicians. The platform allows artists to distribute their music to major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal without paying any upfront fees.

The Instagram account has over 95,000 followers. They feature posts about various independent musicians who use Amuse to distribute their music. The content often includes information about the artists’ upcoming shows, releases, and other news related to their music careers. also provides tips and resources for independent musicians looking to promote themselves and their music. The account is dedicated to supporting independent musicians and helping them succeed in the industry.

In addition to featuring musicians, provides information about music industry news and events and updates about the Amuse platform. Overall, is a valuable resource for independent musicians seeking to distribute their music and connect with fans. 

6. @vsgent

@vsgent is the Instagram account of VSG Entertainment, a marketing agency focused on educating, motivating, and inspiring musicians. The profile has over 273,000 followers. VSGent provides content featuring poignant sound bites and video clips from across the internet about the music industry and how to navigate it successfully. The profile also features playlists and music reviews. Artists can submit their music for inclusion through the profile links and periodic updates/calls for action. 

7. @musicentrepreneurclub

@musicentrepreneurclub is the Instagram account for the Music Entrepreneur Club Podcast, a business education podcast hosted by Dame RitterDJ Pain 1, and Erinn Knight. The Instagram account shares thought-provoking clips from the podcast, insight into the music industry on a range of topics independent artists and musicians can connect with, alongside inspiration and advice from the podcast hosts and guests. 

8. @indienation

@indienation is the Instagram account for the music blog, “Indie Nation.” The blog and accompanying social media accounts promote and review music, share new music announcements, and promote musicians and their work to the Instagram community of over 57,000 followers. 

9. @college_radio_directory

If you are looking for a place to help get more ears on your music, college radio might be a good choice. @college_radio_directory is the Instagram account for College Radio Directory, a contact and email list available to artists looking to get their music out to college radio stations across the United States. While paid versions of the list are available on the brand’s website, some free contacts, music news, and industry education are shared on the account. It’s a great value and opportunity for artists willing to do a little legwork to reach more listenership without breaking the bank. 

10. @dianamunoz

This one might seem a little out of left field, but hear me out! As independent artists and DIY musicians, there are times when you have to do it all. As an artist you have needs including graphic design elements like album art, content creation, and even video. Diana Muñoz is one of the best out there, sharing endless amounts of free information on the subject as a Canva Verified Expert. In addition to her Youtube channel, Diana shares entertaining content and education on branding, graphic design, visual effects, and even syncing videos to your music through her Instagram account, @dianamunoz. Diana is worth a follow and grabbing that free Canva account. You’ll thank me later. 

Share Your Favorite Instagram Resources

I am sure there are countless other accounts out there, full of education, inspiration, and practical tools for independent artists and musicians, so this is the tip of the iceberg! Let me know what you think, and share your favorite resources that may not appear on this list in the comments below! Let’s help each other grow! 

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