Boy Yoi Yoing Bounces Up the Streaming Platform Charts

Boy Yoi Yoing Bounces Up the Streaming Platform Charts

Brazy Luca’s new single “Boy Yoi Yoing” is out NOW and it is something you need to hear, add to your summer playlists, and bounce to! You already know we love Brazy Luca, and this release was right on target! As one of the select few to preview the song, I was so excited to hear what new surprises were in store for me and Brazy Luca did not disappoint.

Arguably one of her best singles, “Boy Yoi Yoing” is a fast-paced rap track featuring Brazy Luca’s signature flow, blunt sexual energy, and in-your-face lyrics. This hook is so much fun, partly because of the change of pace in the song, but also because you get to make silly sounds while rapping and singing along. Yes, the hook is fun, memorable, and will get stuck in your head, but the explicit verses keep you listening for the next shocking sound bite. While not as aggressive as many of her previous projects, the track is playful while being dead serious about bouncing that ass. It’s got a fun vibe and is perfect for a summer playlist, or any playlist you might turn on for demon time. *wink*

Boy Yoi Yoing Album Art. Brazy Luca is featured dropping it low in a pink jeweled crop top and pink denim jeans with pink high heels on in front of a graphic of a sound system with pink light coming from the speakers. The project title and artist name are layered between the image of Brazy Lica at the forefront and the sound system graphics in the background.

The single was initially only released to a select audience and social media-targeted fanbase, but the track is available now on all streaming platforms so go stream and download it today! If you love it, tell your friends, share it on social media, and remember where you heard it first!

Connect with Brazy Luca here to get more information about previous and upcoming releases, touring and performance information, and much more. Listeners looking for the new single can stream “Boy Yoi Yoing” everywhere you get your music.

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