“Diamond Tears”: New Album on the Rise to Stardom

"Diamond Tears": New Album on the Rise to Stardom

Who doesn’t love new music? If you’ve been waiting for a new 2woAM album, wait no more! Freshly released on June 2, 2023, “Diamond Tears” is 2woAM’s follow-up to “Red Bones & Lullabies.” This time the artist approached the EP with an entirely new perspective while remaining true to his style and voice.

New Album, "Diamond Tears": Struggle on the Rise to Stardom, Diamond Tears album art. 2woAM is seen emerging from a wooded area with his hair up, a diamond encrusted cuban link around his neck, black shirt and kimono style outerwear

Influences Behind “Diamond Tears”

After a brief conversation with 2woAM on the motivations and inspirations for “Diamond Tears,” I learned that the 8-track project came from a desire to pay homage to artists and creators he looks up to as mentors. Taking notes from Young Thug, the artist has named each track for the creative who influenced the piece. Similarly, elements of the project have been carefully considered and crafted with significance to each.

On the body and content of the songs 2woAM shares, “I free-styled every one of the songs and just said how I felt on various topics. I wore my heart on my sleeve. I spoke about the spiritual warfare I endured the past few months while creating this project. There have been a lot of ups and downs, being in love, falling out of love, and feeling misunderstood.”

For the style and lyrics of each track, 2woAM took each mentor turned muse as a creative focal point. The title mentors served as a guide for the overall composition and build of the song. The album art for “Diamond Tears” was inspired by one of 2woAM’s favorite childhood memories spent watching anime, particularly Inuyasha. Lastly, the title of the project, “Diamond Tears,” was influenced by the idea of Lil Wayne’s teardrop tattoos, becoming for 2woAM the symbol of bitter-sweet moments along the path to success.

Key Moments from the Album

In shy of 21 minutes, 2woAM packs a musical punch with this project while remaining true to his signature intentional style. Let’s go track by track and break it down!

On first listen to the album, the track “Weezy” stood out immediately in how stunningly similar the sound is to Lil Wayne. 2woAM’s inspiration is clear, and the explanation of the album title comes to light in the lyrics. I enjoyed the raw energy and how vulnerable the artist is in this song. He speaks on the anxiety, struggle, and challenges of the music industry.

Angelina Jolie” has a southern sound, mixing trap, melodic rap, and a synth acoustic guitar sound. Despite being over a trap rhythm, the track is haunting and pulls at the listener’s heartstrings.

Ty$” has some stand-out lyrics that everyone should tap into. While this wasn’t my favorite track on the album, I did like the self-made vibe. I also liked how the track was woven into the project seamlessly as a cohesive concept.

Highs and Lows

Me and My Drank 2.0” is another smoke and vibe track that sounds like 2woAM had a few drinks and is telling everyone what he thinks. I didn’t love how much reverb and autotune were used on the song as they distorted the lyrics, but perhaps this was intentional, given the title and the drinking theme. I absolutely love the repetitive nature of the lyrics, mimicking repetitive thoughts on telling the world about someone you love.

Jeffery” is easily one of my favorites. The introduction draws you in with the percussive instruments and the line, “Always got a feeling when something ain’t right, fuck I look like?” It’s a song that listeners will connect with and enjoy.

Naomi Campbell,” “Pink Heartz,” and “Cosplay” round out the project. Each has striking audio moments and features to tap into. I recommend each for a listen, but of the three, “Cosplay” stands out to me with jazzy instrumentals and wavy vocals.

Connect with 2woAM and Stream “Diamond Tears”

With two weeks on streaming platforms, “Diamond Tears” is slowly gaining traction and new listenership. Listen for yourself, then let us know which track is your favorite in the comments.

For more information on “Diamond Tears” and independent artist, 2woAM, connect with him through his website, Instagram, and stream his music, now available on all major digital streaming platforms.

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