DJ KCity Lets Artists Shine with Unique Approach to Management

DJ KCity Lets Artists Shine with Unique Approach to Management

I am always intrigued by talent and music managers and how they think and operate. Taking on a person’s career as a task and profession seems daunting, but DJ KCity makes it seem easy. In this interview, we dive into what inspired DJ KCity to pick up talent management as part of his professional arsenal, what he looks for in artists, how partnerships form organically, and what inspires him to keep going.

The Origin Story of DJ KCity

Photobombshell: DJ KCity! Thank you so much for agreeing to take some time to discuss your music journey with me. Start by telling everyone a little about yourself, where you are from, and what you do in the music space.

DJ KCity: I’m DJ KCity. A lot of my friends call me KC. I am a consumer, student, and influencer of music and entertainment. Currently, I manage and advise talent in the music and entertainment space.

Photobombshell: How did you end up with the name KCity?

DJ KCity: The name KCity is a derivative of where I’m from, Kansas City. The name, “KCity,” came alive once I moved to California. I wanted to represent my city loud and clear!

Photobombshell: As someone in the music space, you wear many hats. Of all of your roles, including content creator, talent manager, and DJ, which do you feel is the most front and center in your life and why?

DJ KCity: The foundation of who I am is a DJ, from playing and remixing to curating music. As a content creator, I bring those elements from my foundation together to tell a vivid story and give perspective from my experiences.

Photobombshell: How did you get your start as a DJ?

DJ KCity: I found my love for music at a young age by observing my uncles touring with their church gospel group. They released music on audio cassette tapes and vinyl. I followed in the footsteps of my uncles and got involved with my cousins in their hip-hop gospel group. I never missed a chance to be involved. Then, nothing excited me more than cooking two over-easy eggs, throwing them on wheat bread, and jumping into the family SUV to go to the studio. I was obsessed!

On Artist Management

Photobombshell: Tell me a little bit about the artists that you manage. What are they like?

DJ KCity: I have a close and personal relationship with my artists. J.Anthny is an R&B hip-hop artist who writes, produces, and engineers his music and that of others. BAE.wav is a multifaceted artist who combines vibey aesthetic visuals and music for a cohesive experience.

Photobombshell: I actually have an interview with BAE.wav on the horizon, so that’s something everyone should look forward to. Maybe I should ask her about having you as a manager!

Having a close relationship with your artists, I assume, is incredibly important. As a manager, there must be some way you know you will click with an artist or musician. How do you choose the ideal artists to work with, and what are some of the deciding factors?

DJ KCity: My approach is different. I don’t pitch myself to artists as a manager. I do not have a scouting sheet for the types of artists I manage. When deciding who to manage and work with, I consider a combination of relationship, the feel of the music, or compatibility from a business and personal level. You won’t see me reaching out to artists to manage them. It is usually an organic experience, and I end up with artists contacting me.

Photobombshell: Do you give your artists feedback beyond event planning, touring, and day-to-day management?

DJ KCity: Yes! I have a close personal connection with all of my artists. I’m the unofficial mentor, therapist, and counselor at times.

How DJ KCity Handles Conflict

Photobombshell: The music industry is a difficult place to be, especially when managing other personalities. How do you deal with challenging scenarios and personality clashes that inevitably occur as a talent manager?

DJ KCity: Dealing with industry scenarios is situational, but I use universal management tactics to maneuver the basics. I go into a situation with realistic expectations and try to keep the end goal in mind in difficult situations. It’s not too challenging as I do this in my other profession, the food, beverage, and hospitality industry.

A Surprising Dream Collab

Photobombshell: If you could work with ANY artist, who would you choose and why?

DJ KCity: This is a tough one. I could go through an entire list! Right now, I would be thrilled to work with Calvin Harris. I want to study his creative process from the first thought until the mastering and completion of a record. His music is not my typical genre, but every time I hear his songs, I’m blown away by the production, arrangement, and feel of the music. The result of what he is doing is highly impactful.

Photobombshell: Oh, wow! I love Calvin Harris and was pleasantly surprised by that answer.

DJ KCity Shares a Strong “Why”

Photobombshell: Before we wrap up, what have you wanted to share in an interview that no one has asked yet?

DJ KCity: Greater than anything related to music or entertainment, being a father takes the cake! My children will forever be my motivation and inspiration to leave a legacy for them and their kids to benefit. More than telling, teaching, and coaching them, I want to lead by example and show that no matter what you want or where you’re from, you can have it. It’s all up to you, so go get it!

Photobombshell: That is the perfect way to wrap up this interview! Thank you, DJ KCity, for sharing your story, your why, and the behind the scenes of management with us. Those interested in connecting with DJ KCity can find him on Instagram, even though he tries to keep out of the limelight.

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