Pap Star Does It Again with New Single, “Quick Flip”

Pap Star Does It Again with New Single, "Quick Flip"

Pap Star is back again! In this special edition music review, we cover Pap Star’s latest single, “Quick Flip” and some general news about this artist and friend to the Photobombshell community. Pap Star is no stranger to, with previous reviews and interviews through the years available in our archives.

Pap Star is an unstoppable force when it comes to music creation. Aside from his own music, he has many unspoken projects up in the air. Pap Star has sync deals all over the place and his social standing is on the rise. I am honestly surprised he was able to release a self-made project so quickly after the success of “Mudd Made.”

His latest single perfectly aligns with his mission as an artist and entrepreneur. The project is speaking on hustle culture and getting things done. With his recent move to close his studio to the public in pursuit of even bigger plans in the music scene, we anticipate continued success and probably a few big announcements from Pap Star soon.

About Quick Flip

Pap Star’s latest single, “Quick Flip” drops TODAY, on July 7, 2023. If you didn’t pre-save, open up whatever streaming app you use and download and stream it today. The project was produced, mixed, and mastered by Pap Star himself. Along that same vein, Pap Star gets credit for the graphic art for this project, and photo credit goes to Fetti Rama Studios.

Photobombshell reviews the newly released single, "Quick Flip," from Pap Star and shares standout moments from the project.
Quick Flip Album Art. Graphic Design: Pap Star. Photo Credit: Fetti Rama Studios.

The Sound

Pap Star’s sound is undeniable. In the first four beats, you know who you are listening to. You know immediately the vibe you’ll get when you listen to this single. The instrumentals stay true to Pap Star’s signature sound. The theme is dark and sexy with uptempo trap elements that keep the track moving. Pap Star’s voice keeps to that theme, not quite speaking, and not quite whispering. He has that calm hype we know and love from him throughout the song.

If you know me and what I ding people about on reviews, it’s usually the bridge, BUT THIS BRIDGE…it is so smooth. The way the audio elements and lyrics line up on “Quick Flip,” there is no disruption to the flow of the track on the bridge. It is incredibly well done.

If I had to pick a favorite part of the instrumentals, I would vote for drums (like I always do). The percussion and adlibs are my absolute favorite pieces of this song.

The Lyrics

“Quick Flip” has a catchy “I need the cash, the cash, the cash” hook that is addicting, relatable, and subtle. Pap Star isn’t out here yelling about making money, he’s speaking it with confidence, manifesting success in his lyrics. Outside of a need for the cash, several cheeky, sexy lines in there will catch your ear, like trading your diamonds for crystals.

Is “Quick Flip” Explosive New Music?

My only criticism of this single is the seemingly abrupt ending. I wish the end had a stunner of a bar on it that made you do a double take, or in this case, a double listen. Even though the quick ending wasn’t my favorite, it did make me go back, again and again, to hear the song from the top, so maybe there is some strategy to this. Overall, this is another great single to add to Pap Star’s growing catalog of absolute bangers and your growing playlists!

Connect with Pap Star

Readers and Listeners who want to connect with Pap Star can find him on Instagram, Youtube, and the official Pap Star music website! Stay tuned for the latest from him, as always, and subscribe to get the latest independent music buzz delivered directly to your inbox!

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