Mikyla Cara’s “Greatfull” Shares a Self Love Journey

Mikyla Cara's "Greatfull" Shares a Self Love Journey

The soulful Mikyla Cara is back with another introspective R&B track to add to her musical catalog. If you don’t know who the UK songbird is yet, check out past features on the artist and her work. She is a treat to listen to and always brings a sense of ease to her work. Today, we dive deep into Mikyla Cara’s latest single, “Greatfull.”

The artist describes this project as a song about gratitude, growth, and self-love. With a late May 2023 release, the track has amassed nearly 80,000 plays on Spotify alone by the release of this article. That’s cause for both celebration and a deeper look! Here we go!

Mikyla Cara Greatfull album art. Mikyla sits with knees bent and one arm on her top knee while looking over her shoulder wearing a yellow slip dress. The album title is featured at the bottom right in yellow script.

The Sound

The instrumentals for “Greatfull” are smooth and jazzy. The song surprises and meets sonic expectations with boom-bap elements and that spa relaxation feeling you get when you listen to anything from Mikyla Cara. One of the best features of the song melodically, is how Mikyla’s vocals lilt high over the soothing R&B instrumentals. Together they create a near-perfect early-morning soothing mantra or late-night gratitude practice.

Message of “Greatfull”

Lyrically, the message of this single is quite direct. Just as the title would suggest, the song speaks gratitude. In this case, specific gratitude for self. Standout lyrics from Mikyla include, “I love the flaws on my body and everything about me, remind myself daily to be greatfull for that.” She speaks on the challenges of self-love and how she has put intention and energy into loving herself, even the most challenging parts. What is interesting here, is the lyrics don’t simply focus on loving self in the now, but rather the journey it has been and continues to be to love and care for one’s self as time goes by. Mikyla sings a message of gratitude to herself, her body, and her being. “Greatfull” is a song for everyone working on greater love and appreciation for themselves regardless of the stage of life.

Is “Greatfull” Playlist Worthy?

As an artist, creator, and music educator, Mikyla Cara continues to surprise and amaze with her unique perspective on the human condition. “Greatfull” is a prime example of this. The artist shares her vulnerability and power at once, sharing a message of growth, growing to love one’s self, and owning her peace and confidence in the process. If you are looking for something that melds between jazzy, and R&B, with a laid-back boom-bap heartbeat, this single is one for your playlist!

Connect with Mikyla Cara on her website, and social media, and check out her full catalog on all digital streaming platforms. Listen to “Greatfull” here on Spotify right now!

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