New Single, “B E O K A Y,” by Umraan Syed is an Escapist Dream

New Single, "B E O K A Y," by Umraan Syed is an Escapist Dream

Umraan Syed is riding a new wave with his latest release. The new single, “B E O K A Y,” dropped on June 30, 2023. It’s a work of art characterized by fun and creative juxtapositions. Listeners will be drawn in with his relatable introduction and the changing instrumentals throughout. You’ll stay for the lyrics and daydream along with the song for the duration.

Inspiration for “B E O K A Y’

The artist explains that “B E O K A Y” is the manifestation of art imitating life, screaming at him to get his life together, detailing a life of being stuck in a dead-end job and depressing prospects of his gloomy financial situation. The plot twist? It’s all done over an upbeat, poppy, almost sunshiny instrumental that makes you want to SMILE.

New Single, "B E O K A Y," by Umraan Syed is an Escapist Dream
B E O K A Y album artwork.

What Did We Think?

The initial reaction to the song at was, “Hey, it’s weird. We like it.” There are very few “weird” songs that I can actually enjoy, but I really do like this one. That is a compliment to the artist and the arrangement. The track is heavy but makes everything feel so much lighter.

This release speaks to being overwhelmed by all of the negativity around us and within us, yet finding a way to be okay. There’s a little bit of escapist pleasure in this song, connecting the dreamers with that all too often felt need to run away.

There are so many sounds, vocals, and instruments, working both together and with tension against one another, that you’ll be bathed in sound, relatable lyrics, and a brief escape from the struggle of the moment. You almost take a breath and tell yourself, yes, it will be okay.

Tune in now and decide for yourself. Listen to “B E O K A Y” wherever you stream your music! Leave a comment and let us know what you think about the new release!

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