Messiah Ramkissoon Impresses with New Single, “Poetry and Motion”

Messiah Ramkissoon Impresses with New Single, "Poetry and Motion"

“Poetry and Motion” from rapper, artist, and poet, Messiah Ramkissoon was released on June 27, 2023, to much fanfare. We’ve previously chatted with Ramkissoon, covering his career and motivations for getting into music. It seems he is true to his word and remains on a mission to create positive change in the world through the sacredness of music.

His latest single features the stylings of the sensational R&B artist, Tra’nisha B. The long-awaited single from the upcoming album, “The Eye Of Freedom 3.0,” will satisfy any Messiah Ramkissoon fan’s need for more music. In this review, we examine the instrumentals, the lyrics, and the overall energy of “Poetry and Motion” with some commentary from Ramkissoon himself.

About “Poetry and Motion”

“Poetry and Motion” is notably different than past projects. The song is faster and grittier than previous singles, paired with the same enlightening lyrics and energy we expect from Messiah Ramkissoon. There is a distinct urban vibe with the drum and bass on the track. While a rap song, the synths, guitar line instrumentals, and velvety vocals of Tra’nisha B help round out the edgy and sexy vibe of this sound.

The Lyrics

Lyrically, the song speaks to love, partnership, and choosing to work together rather than against one another in relationships. I was surprised about some of the lyrics, stylistically a change for the artist, which long-time listeners will hear and notice. The hook is the clear stand-out with, “You give me poetry, and I’ll give you motion,” ran chills up my spine more than once.

The closing lines also offer powerful insight, including a favorite bar of mine, “Rich love, middle class or poor love. Thought I needed more money. I needed more love.” Ramkissoon closes the track with a powerful verse with multiple meaning-laden bars in an impressive summation of the song.

Poetry and Motion

The Inspiration

When asked about the inspiration for “Poetry and Motion,” Messiah shares the following: “The motivation [for “Poetry and Motion”] is driven by personal experience and the need for conversation. Art is therapy and love is transformational.”

“In hip-hop, we need that balance as far as dialogue and exchange. It’s essential for the culture as opposed to the continual divisive trend of thinking men and women only need money. We need each other! We need each other so the culture can thrive. Love is the governing force, first starting with the home. All of that makes up the motivation behind “Poetry and Motion.”

He adds, “Salute to Bridgeport, Connecticut R&B singer, Tra’Nisha B. As a feature on the record, she understood the assignment and brought the heat.”

The Vibe of “Poetry and Motion”

“Poetry and Motion” is a win and a must-listen for all rap fans and R&B lovers. All involved in creating this piece of art have done an incredible job of beautifully mixing masculine and feminine energy with instrumentals, vocals, and spoken word. If you haven’t heard it, stream it wherever you get your music!

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