Am3n and Us The Land Bring “W.Y.S.N.” to the Stage

Am3n and Us The Land Bring “W.Y.S.N.” to the Stage

This week, I have a treat for all the rock fans in the community. I rarely cover rock music because I find few up-and-coming independent artists in that genre that I truly enjoy. Growing up in the rural Pocono mountains, I got my fill of rock, hair bands, and metal before I could choose the radio station in the car. The genre is not my favorite, however, this pick is a breath of fresh air. Today, we tap into Us The Land and the track, “W.Y.S.N.”

Who are Am3n and Us The Land?

Let me introduce you to Am3n, the frontman of Us The Land, and Us The Land, the rock band that is breaking barriers and changing perceptions of rock music one listener at a time. 

Am3n, also known and performing as 3N, recently changed management and labels, choosing to take the fully independent route as an artist. He transitioned from a solo African-American rock artist to part of an African American pop rock band under the new name, Us The Land. Moving forward positively, Us The Land shows promise and potential with its sound and energy.

Am3N and Us The Land bring "W.Y.S.N." to the Stage

Leadman, Am3n, performs on stage wearing bulletproof vest and singing into the microphone. behind him stage lights shine across the stage in multiple directions.

We asked Am3n about the current and future plans for Us The Land. Here is what he had to say: “I know what I have is very special. Pretty soon, the rest of the world will witness it. I’m doing everything on my own now. I am making no excuses, having no regrets about the past. Moving forward, it’s Us The Land because this land was made for you and me.”

The Virginia-based band is set to revolutionize the music scene with its genre-defying sound and message of unity. Inspired by Living Colour, Foo Fighters, and Queens of the Stone Age, to name a few, Us The Land is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music industry. Their latest single, “W.Y.S.N.,” which we explore below, is already receiving radio play nationwide.

About W.S.Y.N.

“W.S.Y.N.” is a recent release from Am3n, landing on digital streaming platforms and Youtube in January 2023. With a catalog that boasts hundreds of thousands of streams, this track is the baby, slowly building up steam. Not to be diminished by its newness, “W.Y.S.N.,” features addictive hooks that will connect listeners of all backgrounds. 

When asked about the inspiration for the single, Am3n shared, “It’s [“W.Y.S.N.] pretty much the untold story of my life, of growing up in a divided single-parent household. It’s the story of being sent to alternative schools, labeled a special ed student for bad behavior, and hanging with the wrong crowds to feel a part of something different. The one thing I could do right if all else failed was write a story. My story happens to be all about the music.”


The introduction of “W.Y.S.N.” brings memories of Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” immediately captivating rock fans to stay a while and hear what happens next. The guitar riffs are hard with some distortion. The guitar shares equal attention with the lyrics. Together with the drum line, the guitar helps to create a train-chugging momentum to the song that keeps the listener connected. It’s got all the elements of a classic rock song that listeners to the genre will enjoy. 

Vocals and Lyrics

Am3n’s powerful vocals hit unexpected notes throughout the track, with harsh moments alongside mellifluent moments. “What you say now” is the most prominent line, checking the audience’s guage of the story being told as we go. Even though the sound of the piece nears abrasive as a whole, Am3n finds a way to bring balance with harmonies that tie the sound together. Listeners will hear facets of the artist’s experience through struggle. His life story unfolds in his words, unifying fans through a connection to his past. The layered vocals are catchy and haunting providing a powerful focus on the lyrics. 

Favorite Parts

I love the hook, Am3n’s vocal movement on his most melodic lines, and the call-and-answer style vocal layers. The elements create space for interaction with a live audience. I imagine this song will do well when performed at shows and festivals.  

Lease Favorite Parts

There are some repetitive moments in the song that I wished had been cut down or sped up because they slow down the runaway train that is this track. I would have liked the mixing and mastering to have pulled down the guitar riffs, providing space for the vocals and lyrics to stand out. There isn’t much to complain about; it’s a great song!

Us The Land at UpNext 

Riding the wave of professional momentum, Us The Land recently appeared on stage under the name 3N at UpNext Festival in Dallas, Texas, on July 29, 2023.

Connect with Us The Land

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