Noisy Future Gives Underground Atlanta Scene New Opportunities

Noisy Future Gives Underground Atlanta Scene New Opportunities

The way that listeners consume music is ever-changing. Live events have always been an incredible way for artists, signed and unsigned, to form a connection with their fans and followers. They also provide exposure and a chance to increase a fan base in a particular region when the audience has realistic expectations and is looking for new music. In Atlanta, Noisy Future is doing just that.

While showcases and independent festivals are plentiful in New York (Premium Stage Concerts, Red Gino Showcase, Go Crazy Festival, and NYC’s Most Talented), I wade into the independent music scene in Atlanta, looking for opportunities. Noisy Future is a pop-up platform offering paid opportunities for independent artists to perform and a chance for you to make some noise. Here, I share my conversation with Jantu, the founder of Noisy Future, to explain the business model and how it serves artists.

Jantu: Noisy Future is a platform that allows up-and-coming artists to perform their music live for their existing fans. It creates opportunities to connect with new fans as well.

Jantu: I started Noisy Future because it seemed like most other platforms around Atlanta were taking advantage of up-and-coming artists by charging them to perform live in low-budget environments to a crowd of uninterested people. My goal for Noisy Future is to create and nurture an environment providing opportunities for serious, independent artists to make money and connect with new fans.

Jantu: Noisy Future serves independent artists of all genres. Soon I will expand my budget to include Headliners in the set lists, allowing exposure to independent artists from those headliner fan bases.

Jantu: Noisy Future provides an environment and opportunities for serious, independent artists to share their music with engaged fans who are looking for new artists on the rise. It also offers opportunities to make money by engaging their existing fans and giving a portion of ticket sales to the artist.

Jantu: Sponsors care about putting their products and brands in front of audiences open to trying new experiences. Noisy Future guests are 21+, can pay for tickets that cost between $15-$20 a person, and are looking for new experiences, so sponsors know Noisy guests are people that have the potential to be new customers for their brands and products.

Jantu: I’ll keep this answer short. It’s pathetic to take advantage of peoples’ dreams.

Jantu: The sky is far from the limit. My short-term goal is to expand into an outdoor festival with multiple stages. I would also like to establish Noisy Future as a platform and label for independent artists.

Jantu: Currently the live events happen once every quarter, so four times a year.

Jantu: Yes, the lineup changes every event. However, we have artists that come back to bless our stage often. We are also open to all genres. We don’t discriminate! 

Jantu: We have booked artists from different cities already, including New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, etc. Honestly, networking is the key! They are referred to me by people I worked with before, but there is no harm in jumping in the DMs too! If your portfolio shows a dedicated artist producing quality work, the chances of getting on the lineup are good. Noisy Future is here to help expose quality independent artists to fans looking for new artists.

Jantu: The venue isn’t static, meaning the location of the next event may be different from the last, but you can be sure that we do our best to create engaging stages and environments for artists and audiences. Tickets are usually $20 for our pop-up events. Artists have opportunities to provide their existing fans with a $5 discount and the opportunity to earn $5 through artist codes. In regards to performing, be prepared to rock! Every artist gets a minimum 30-minute set, which can be as long as an hour.

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