Anti-00 and Jocko Slim Release New Album, “The Chosen Ones”

Anti-00 and Jocko Slim Release New Album, "The Chosen Ones"

On July 7, 2023, Virginia-based artists, Anti-00 and Jocko Slim, released their latest album, “The Chosen Ones.” The 11-track, rap-heavy project runs just over 31 minutes keeping to a theme of rap music’s super villains.

Anti-00 is a rising independent artist and rapper working hard to make a name for himself. He is a performer and writer who prides himself on his creative hooks and unique beats. For “The Chosen Ones,” Anti-00 teamed up with fellow Virginia artist, Jocko Slim, based on the chemistry the duo experienced working together on previous projects. From how “The Chosen Ones” came out, it seems like a destined partnership.

Throughout the album, listeners will hear the duo mix in and out of songs swapping verses and fully sharing in the creative process of making “The Chosen Ones.” When asked about how this album came to be, Anti-00 explains:

“The whole project came together from Jocko Slim and I having already worked together for about a year. I initially brought the idea up to Jocko Slim about producing an album for him based on the chemistry in a few songs we collaborated on. Then he asked if I wanted to be an artist on it instead of just producing.”

“I’m from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Jocko Slim is from Richmond, so we couldn’t link to write the songs as often. I started sending him beats I made. We wrote and swapped verses through videos and voice memos. Once we finished writing the tracks, I hit up a professional engineer that I knew, Tory G, to record us and mix and master the album.”

The Chosen Ones album art featuring Anti-00 and Jocko slim seated in royal thrones

“The Chosen Ones” is out now! Listen and stream on all digital streaming platforms.

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