Nigerian Rapper, Enem, Drops Advice for Independents

Nigerian Rapper, Enem, Drops Advice for Independents

Nigerian rapper, producer, and singer Enem is steadily gaining listeners and attention on streaming platforms with an international listenership built on Nigerian and African American musical inspiration. In this interview, Enem shares how he started making music, his transition to streaming platforms, and a piece of peer-to-peer advice for fellow musicians.

Enem: I was born and raised in Nigeria. My journey into music was greatly influenced by my unique voice. Many people praised its distinctiveness, which encouraged me to consider pursuing a music career. After careful consideration, I embarked on this path and recorded my first song in late 2014.

Enem: At times, people may perceive that I lack the ability to venture into different music genres.

Enem: Throughout the years, I have consistently improved on each song, showcasing my growth and talent to fellow artists in the north. I have proven that our music can resonate globally, and we have the potential to become international artists as well.

Enem: During the early stages, I utilized free beats and YouTube-type beats for my music, preventing me from distributing them on platforms like Spotify. However, with Spotify’s support for independent artists through playlisting and more, I eventually uploaded my music to all streaming platforms. In early 2018, I decided to learn how to produce beats myself, as I couldn’t afford to purchase beats, and I wanted the creative freedom to make music that truly resonated with my vision.

Enem: Living in a culturally diverse place, my music journey started with HAUSA RAP, a genre in our native language, popular in the northern part of Nigeria. However, I aspired to reach an international audience and gain recognition. For my album, I drew inspiration from Nigerian and African American cultures, blending elements from both to create a unique and impactful musical experience.

Enem: “Big Drip” truly reflects my current musical style and identity. The song draws inspiration from artists like Gunna, Future, Young Thug, and Travis Scott, with Gunna being one of my most significant recent influences.

Enem: It’s valuable advice from your fellow rappers and producers to prioritize finishing songs or projects before moving on to the next one. Completing a project allows you to fully explore your creative vision, ensuring you don’t leave potential masterpieces unfinished. It also helps you to maintain focus and avoid overwhelming yourself with too many ongoing projects. By finishing each work, you can refine your skills and showcase your best work to your audience.

Enem: Music serves as my primary motivation. I find inspiration from listening to new songs and exploring fresh ideas. Additionally, when I come across emerging stars, I am motivated by the thought that I too, can achieve similar success. This inner drive pushes me to start making music immediately, and I jump into the creative process with excitement and determination.

Enem: I’ll keep it brief, but I want to share that I’m currently busy with new projects and diligently working on my album.

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