Lonely Visuals from ARSNN Now Available on YouTube

Lonely Visuals from ARSNN Now Available on YouTube

ARSNN has been on a mission, tackling new creative projects with fire. His latest creative endeavors include new music, new visuals, and a new marketing strategy. Recently, ARSNN has been sharing more of his life, adventures in Puerto Rico, behind-the-scenes footage from his video shoots, and some of the creative process that contributed to his latest projects through his social media. The latest is the visual to his song, “Lonely.” 

We were lucky enough to catch up with ARSNN for a little inside scoop on the project, the motivation and inspiration for the video, and how he maintains his musical identity while constantly evolving as an artist. 

Recently, ARSNN shared, “Lonely is a track about this chick I’ve been trying to get out and show a good time. I was thinking about hard-working women who don’t get much time off, so my main focus was showing a good woman a good time. The visual is a depiction of all that. I love motorsports and fun stuff. I threw it in my video because that’s what I do, on the regular. The best part of the video, honestly, was getting to be myself with the ATVs and being adventurous on camera.” 

As for what is next, ARSNN details the next series of projects. “I’m working on the next EP. I need to feed [the audience] some more work while I continue to push “The Last Lover” project. I’m calling the next EP, “Collection 3.” It’s going to be a mix of styles of mine. I have 5-6 tracks [in progress], so you already know I get to make some dope visuals, too. We’re still testing out the waters, but showing my versatility. Regardless of how the sounds change, you know it’s me.”

Check out “Lonely” on Youtube and stream it wherever you listen to music! 

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