Domonogood on the Power of a Creative Network

Domonogood on the Power of a Creative Network

If you aren’t paying close attention, you might find Domonogood online and think he’s just a regular New York guy, but you’d be mistaken. This creative, independent artist, videographer, and studio owner is making moves in the music scene on and off camera. In this interview, he shares simple, practical advice with fellow creatives, lets us in on the competitive streak that got him started in rap, and details how his network has organically provided opportunities to grow in the music industry beyond being an artist. Through his journey, independent artists will see the power of an organic network of creatives and artists supporting one another demonstrated in shared opportunities and professional growth. Beautiful people, meet Domonogood.

Domonogood: First off, I would like to say thank you, and I highly appreciate it. My name is Domonogood. I’m from Brooklyn, New York; Brownsville/East New York, to be specific. I can’t shout one out without the other.

I’ve been making music since I was nine or ten years old, and my first inspiration came from my sister. She started rapping first. Initially, it was just something I did to prove I was better than her, so I started writing music myself. My music is just a reflection of my lifestyle and the people closest to me, somewhat of a collection of stories about me finding my way as a man, an artist, and a person.

Domonogood: Yes, I did start as just a rapper. I guess it came from just wanting to do something different. When we decided to invest in a studio, my engineer, Wav3King, my partner, and I were recording in the back of a garage in a makeshift studio. We were thinking to ourselves that this wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

It is all about location. Our friend and fellow artist, Donnie Durag, came to us with a proposition about a studio space open for rent. We checked it out, took over the lease, and now we’re here. I guess, in some way, that helped me make my transition to a videographer as well. Becoming a studio owner opened my mind to getting involved more in things around music than actual music.

Domonogood: I started working with Legacy Dumbo through one of the owners, Ali. I have known Ali for about ten years. Through that friendship, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with them.

Domonogood: I think the best way for me to create music is the way we’ve been doing it recently. Our studio is in a large Brooklyn warehouse full of recording studios, so there’s a collective of artists and producers to link and bounce ideas off of. There are a lot of different genres going on, so it’s never too much of the same sound being made. It’s dope.

Domonogood: Definitely, and thank you. Live from Room 16 is something that Llama, another videographer who transitioned to producer/artist, and I have collaborated on. We’ve been discussing different and more efficient ways of producing short-form content for the artists as part of Room 16. It has also been a way to connect to artists that we don’t know.

Domonogood: One piece of advice I would give independent artists is to be realistic. Be realistic about the goals you want to accomplish and whether or not you’re doing things that are conducive to them.

Domonogood: Thank you. “Right Time” is one of my favorite songs, too. It was produced, mixed, and mastered by my studio partner, Wav3King. The motivation… I think I was on my way to a hot date.

Domonogood: Yes, there is a plan for upcoming releases. I have two projects recorded right now. I am just waiting for the “right time,” no pun intended. “God Given” is coming soon.

Domonogood: My proudest accomplishment as an artist was my virtual release party. It was dope, not only because it was my first, but also because it took place during the pandemic when everything was crazy. There were more important things going on in the world. To my surprise, it was a great turnout. It was via Zoom. The video and audio were perfect.

Domonogood: In 2023, you can look forward to more music and productions from me. As for the goals, more money!

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