Wan LeAir Flexes on New Album, Bozo’s Artistry

Wan LeAir Flexes on New Album, Bozo's Artistry

You met Wan LeAir earlier this year when he dropped in to discuss his career and how he has pursued creative growth balanced with his audience interest indications. He is a man to watch, constantly leveling up in the New York scene. His latest album, Bozo’s Artistry, was released on August 16, 2023, and is steadily gaining streams and traction. The project runs 12 tracks and just over 37 minutes. It’s an easy listen with thoughtful arrangement, titling, and features.

This New Music Monday, I break down Bozo’s Artistry track by track, sharing my thoughts and first impressions, then give the conclusive ruling on whether or not this project classifies as explosive new music. Tap in!

Wan LeAir Bozo's Artistry

Wan LeAir jumps in with a stripped-down introduction, low-level instrumentals that slowly build, and luxury dreams spelled out in his lyricism. This track touches on industry contradictions and gives Wan LeAir his moment to proclaim unstoppable status. The fade-out and talk-over at the end of the introduction was a creative touch I didn’t expect but appreciated. Listen all the way through for a moment of Wan LeAir’s realness.

Holy sh!t. I was not expecting this track. Wan LeAir is laying it all out there. He’s warning everyone that he is a threat with explicit plans on how and when he’s stealing your girl. If you were wondering how Wan gets down, he’s sharing it all in this track, and even if you aren’t listening to the lyrics, the beat is fantastic. If it wasn’t as blunt lyrically I’d classify this song as radio-ready. It’s got shock value in the best possible way. “Pauly Peach” is easily my favorite song on this album.

This track is a previously released single, included in this collection, and currently the fan favorite from the Bozo’s Artistry album. It’s a welcome inclusion that fits the theme and vibe of the project. The instrumentals are reminiscent of island vibes, and the lyrics stay true to Wan LeAir and his mission to please.

We talked about Splash in a previous interview with Wan LeAir. If you listened back then, you know this one is for the ladies, and Wan explains how he isn’t just rapping about it. He is about it.

Stello Yagga moves a little slower than the previous tracks on this album, but we have a similar sexual theme. It’s almost like Wan LeAir is walking through specific memories, and we are all here listening to the play-by-play. I enjoyed the slower vibe, dreaming instrumentals, and subtleties in the energy change on this track. It stands out as a little more grown while staying Wan LeAir sexy.

This track asks the title question, processing, separating, and understanding the difference between lust and love. It’s a stream-of-consciousness style of rap where Wan LeAir changes his flow and rhythm to emphasize certain words with impactful energy. I love the flow and energy changes. Aptly placed in the middle of the project, this track is the height of conflict on the album. KayHunniee adds feminine energy and response to Wan’s verses and gives the song a little balance, which was an engaging departure from the start of the project.

This one is a breakup aftermath song. Wan is in his feelings, discussing the breakup and how he is processing the changes from a fallout, torn between wanting what was and knowing it’s not the right thing. Lyrically, the artist weaves through bitterness, anger, jealousy, and even acceptance. Surprisingly, I loved the verses, but the hook was my least favorite part of this track. The trap instruments with vocalizing in the background build momentum, almost symbolic of the push and urgency to get over the loss of a romantic relationship.

Is this Wandemonium 2? You have been asking for it, and this track is for you. The instrumentals are luxurious, matching the lyrics on building wealth, entrepreneurship, and building through excellence. Do we love it? Yes, a million times, yes. “I ain’t into that renting shit. I’d rather own the building.” Talk to me like that all day! I quickly added this song to my favorites on Spotify.

T. Jefe and Legit Easy jump on this track with Wan LeAir, taking turns talking their shit and letting the world know they are “Forever Ballin‘.” If you like shiny things, diamonds, cars, and stunting on everyone who crosses your path, this song is for you. There’s even a little “Bye, Felicia” that caught my ear and made me smile. If you have BDE, you’ll love this record.

I won’t ruin the experience you need to have by detailing this skit. Listen to it all the way through. You’re welcome.

Cerberus features Money Mitch and 9hirearm alongside Wan in a reflective piece that gives conclusion vibes. Thoughtfully placed toward the end of this album, it’s a chill vibe, perfect to kick back to. This song is a hustler’s storytelling track about growing and changing in the music scene and how the end game has changed.

I have to admit I laughed when Wan came in with the “to say Wan is the greatest is a blatant understatement.” This man pulls no punches, and his confidence is evident in every track he touches. I loved the collaboration of the three artists on this track. It’s well done, well written, and well produced. Each artist has stand-out moments, and the cherry on top is the title that fits creatively.

Remember that vicious intro that started slow and ramped up? Pick it up right here. This one is big villain energy that builds. It’s worth the wait.

In short, yes. This album, like any project, has its highs and lows. All of the tracks shine in their own light and previously released singles from the project fit right into the placement in the album and bring a sense of familiarity to the project as a whole.

I find “Pauly Peach” to be the most explosive and “My Riches” to be the most luxurious in terms of both lyrics and sound. While I enjoy “Splash” on its own, I feel like it might be the weakest song on this album, and that is not a dig by any means. All of the tracks on this project show growth and expansion for Wan LeAir with each of the new tracks bringing technically interesting elements, expertly selected beats and instrumentals, and features that add to the project as a cohesive album.

Listen to Bozo’s Artistry here or stream it wherever you get your music. Connect with Wan LeAir here or grab tickets to see him live at the Third Annual Stacktember Music Festival, hosted by 9Supply on Saturday, September 23.

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