New Music Monday Roundup Volume 2

New Music Monday Roundup Volume 2

It’s time for another New Music Monday session. This week we are checking out a handful of releases that I have been meaning to get to from my DMs across social media platforms and release lists instead of my usual email list. We are finally caught up and these very recent releases should sound new to anyone who isn’t already following these rising independent artists! Let’s go!

EDM lovers will immediately connect with this Hardstyle track from Indonesian artist, Tomsky. The artist is well connected in the genre and rising in the tour and festival scene and for good reason. This song will get you moving!

Chris Fields is back like he never left with this witty hip-hop/rap track. If you loved him before, you’ll love him even more. He brings an entertaining beat mixing new school and old school sound, lyrics that will make you pay attention at the very least. It’s a radio-ready win, like everything he touches. Give this man a round of applause.

This genre-bending track is sentimental and emotional, bringing out the softest parts of us as listeners. Blues, soul, folk rock, and even country lovers will find this track an absolute win. It’s uplifting and inspiring. The evocative vocals walk the listener through an incredible story of being saved from struggle through the power of love.

90 days is a pop/rock track from angsty independent artist, NIKOLE. It has upbeat moments mixed with angry and bitter notes and lyrics at points, discussing the aftermath of a broken heart. Sad girls, pop babes, and those dipping their toes into neo-rock will enjoy this one.

This R&B track from independent artist, Mami Mia, is entirely unique. The Filipina artist from California uses creative audio editing to highlight moments, words, and syllables in this song, adding a creative rhythm that connects directly to the lyrics. Even though the artist classifies herself as R&B, this particular track leans more toward Pop, with those lover girl vibes you pick up in R&B.

This South Florida artist is picking up steam and drawing attention through his outreach to music curators and writers through social media channels. He caught my eye and ear on TikTok with a direct message and his link to “Movie Luv.” While not necessarily brand new, the track dropped in early August and is continuing to build momentum. “Movie Luv” is a pop/hip-hop blend with upbeat, youthful energy and spicy moments that feel like driving with the top down. Check out this emotionally light track for a pick-me-up.

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