Blu Lyon Offers His Perspective on the Music Industry

Blu Lyon Offers His Perspective on the Music Industry

How often do you hear artists speaking about the realities of the music industry and entertainment business? Now, how often do you hear them using those truths as motivation for their musical creations? We caught up with Blu Lyon at “Go Crazy Festival” in April of 2023 and fell in love with his stage presence and energy. In this interview we discuss his musical beginnings, his feelings on the music business and industry, and touch on his plans for the rest of 2023.

Blu Lyon: Blu Lyon, the artist, does dancehall music with elements of hip-hop. I am not exactly in the industry yet. That is a hard club to get in. I started making music on my own until the universe led me to other creatives similar to myself. We mostly did open mics and competitions to get the Blu Lyon name known.

Blu Lyon: No one knew Blu Lyon’s background as far as who the old man or sister was. I did not mention it and did not care to be associated with it or attempt to use it as a crutch. There was not much family there anyway. I didn’t grow up with most of my siblings or the old man. We also don’t do the same genre of music, so there was not much connection there. I just wanted to do music and be successful at it. There were no expectations from other people.

Blu Lyon gestures towards the camera, wearing a blue t-shirt

Blu Lyon: Music seems to be impacting people in a negative way for the most part. There is always a positive, but so much fuckery will have you thinking otherwise. Blu Lyon music is impacting a small number of people for now. Things have changed. The music business has turned into the entertainment business, and it is more about who you are sleeping with, your style, what trouble you are getting into, or drama. Talent is damn near the last thing on the list.

Blu Lyon: My two favorite moments were shooting the “Super Sexy” and “Link Up” music videos. It was a lot of work, planning, and money, but fun. Those days just felt right.

Blu Lyon: I was approached by the director about doing it. I performed at one of his artist showcases, and he explained that my aggressiveness on stage was perfect for the role. It is a cool process, and we have fun while doing it. Sons Of Kingston has helped with my visibility.

Blu Lyon: It’s just a description of the energy in the room when I am performing, a lot of vibes and crowd interaction. The line “walk with the vybz,” however really comes from my DJ. I was booked for a show, and when the promoter saw my DJ, he asked him where his laptop or controller was to play the music. My DJ looked at him and said, “I don’t need to carry that. I walked with my vybz.” The light bulb instantly went on in my head.

Blu Lyon: I would say my song “Bu$$ Fare” because it just explains the problem with the music industry that I and many other new artists coming up didn’t know. Talent doesn’t work like it used to anymore. It’s all about money and hype. The situations played out in the song are all things from personal experience.

Blu Lyon: That’s tricky and seems like a bit of a grey area. There are plenty of big music platforms I have been on, but they were pretty much purchased, or there was some type of trick done to accomplish the accomplishment. The music industry is the entertainment and con industry right now, so it very roughly nudges you to follow suit. The one fully pure accomplishment I can come to mind would be being in the finals of a competition that allowed me to go to California and shoot my “Super Sexy” music video. It was all expenses paid and solely based on talent. That was a cool experience.

Blu Lyon: You can look forward to seeing and hearing “Walk With The Vybz” often and in different forms. We are looking into all the creative ways it can be marketed and promoted. There are some other releases to come before the year is up, but the concentration is really on Vybz.

Blu Lyon: Readers can connect with me by following @blu_lyon on Instagram and subscribing to the YouTube/Vevo page: blulyonvevo.

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