Brooklyn’s Aquaman, Ruciano, Releases New EP, Flash Flood

Brooklyn's Aquaman, Ruciano, Releases New EP, Flash Flood

Ruciano is one of those artists who is quietly moving and being celebrated loudly in New York. The self-described Aquaman of Brooklyn thrives professionally with his innovative take on stoner rap that resonates with lovers of old-school and bar-heavy 90s rap. With a long list of accolades that includes industry recognition from well-noted pros and shows, it is evident that his well-written and performed wordplay brings quality rap on a creative and technical level. This week, we examine his ninth project, “Flash Flood.”

Those hearing Ruciano for the first time will be pleasantly surprised to find his ninth project, “Flash Flood,” as the cherry on top of a growing body of work. Keeping with the success and momentum from his 2022 project, “The Becoming,” Ruciano brings a keen sense of musicality to his latest project. He impressively weaves his flow with the beat and melodies on each of the four tracks presented on “Flash Flood.”

Brooklyn's Aquaman, Ruciano, Releases New EP, Flash Flood

This chill trap rap track has a predictable hook that makes it memorable and easy to listen to. In fact, you’ll want to listen to this one time and time again. In “How It Goes Down,” Ruciano’s wordplay walks the listener through his celebration of success while metaphors and similes keep you entertained and engaged in this quick piece.

Ruciano brings another low-key vibe with bars featuring success and accolades, passion for cash, and reminds us all, “If it ain’t about the money, baby, please do not call.” A touch less autotune might have benefitted the listener in terms of clarity, but overall “Tesla” is another memorable track with relatable punchlines and rap structure.

Taking the popular saying about catching flights and not feelings, Ruciano expounds on that sentiment through this track. In his signature stoner rap style, Ruciano breezes through this song with solid bars about the importance of success over sex. “Got more class than teachers” is a standout line that I enjoyed. Overall, “Flights, Not Feelings” features clever witticism throughout. Lovers of wordplay (or anyone busy catching flights but not feelings) will connect with it.

The bass in this song is sonically delicious and hits you before any lyrics hit your ears. Ruciano revels in a hedonistic moment on this track, celebrating smoking, winning, dressing, and living well. The wordplay highlights everything that makes you feel good and how all those things are obviously about Ruciano and his luxe life. It’s a quick and easy listen for anyone who loves good bass and the good life. “Obvious” is our favorite track from the EP and a predicted crowd favorite.

As the title suggests, the project comes in quickly, makes an impression, and is gone just as quickly. The four-track EP is fun and easy and connects with Ruciano’s identity as Brooklyn’s Aquaman. I enjoyed the connection to the Aquaman theme, creative wordplay, and topics that didn’t dig too deep emotionally. This low-stress project keeps it light and provides the space and tempo to light up one more time.

Readers and listeners interested in connecting with Ruciano can get more information on him and his work here, on Instagram, and listen to his music on all digital streaming platforms.

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