FancyBaby on Why Her Greatest Accomplishment is Coming Soon

FancyBaby on Why Her Greatest Accomplishment is Coming Soon

She might look fancy, but she’s got the business acumen to back up any claim. FancyBaby is a singer/songwriter out of Los Angeles, California staking her claim as a West Coast hip-hop phenom. With a background from Berklee, this beauty with brains packs a one-two punch with a marketable brand and an understanding of royalties. In this interview, we discuss FancyBaby’s start in music, her advice to fellow creatives on getting paid, and her popular 2021 album, FancyLand.

FancyBaby: Thank you! I’m super excited about this opportunity, so again, thank you. I’m grateful. Okay, so I’ve always had a strong love for music since I was a child; I’ve been singing since I could talk.

My father recognized my talent by the time I was nine years old. I was already in all the extracurricular activities at school, so by the time I was in high school, I was going to more summer arts programs. By 16, I went to the Berklee 5-week program, and it honestly changed my life and made me want to take music more seriously.

I eventually attended Berklee College of Music for college. Berklee was very intimidating talent-wise, so being the frontman wasn’t my main focus. Honestly, I had no idea what I wanted to study or do until it hit me, at 22, that I had a passion for writing. I ended up dropping out and staying in Boston, hustling my ass off. Later, I joined a few bands, did a lot of shows, and worked with tons of underground artists and rappers. I moved back to Los Angeles to start my new music journey as an artist, and now I’m here.

FancyBaby, Photo credit: Sam Nielson

FancyBaby: To be honest, the name FancyBaby was given to me. Everyone always references the Jamie Foxx show since my name is Franchesca, and my stage name is Fancy. But what had happened was (LOL) I was hanging out with some friends, and me being me, I’m extra ASF and would always drink my drinks, even water, out of wine and champagne glasses. So they’d say, “Oh, you Fancy, huh?” I would be like, “Yeah,” and it stuck ever since.

FancyBaby: I feel a lot of pressure, but stay in my lane and focus solely on my music and career for my sanity. Staying true to who I am as an individual and artist is most important. I find that everyone is trying to sound like everyone else. People are scared to go outside the box. That’s why I want to bring something different to everyone’s ears.

FancyBaby: My favorite genre would probably be more Indie Acoustic. I’ve been playing guitar since I was eleven years old, and I’ve always had a special connection with the guitar. It’s when I feel like my most authentic self and just vibe. I also love house music. It’s super dope watching any producer/engineer cutting up, mixing my vocals, and making it into an entirely different song.

FancyBaby: Honestly, FancyLand took me years to write. What inspired it was mainly my real-life experiences and wanting to try something different by switching up my sound as an artist. I had never rapped on any music I had previously worked on. It was scary to go out of my comfort zone, but it was the best decision I made.

When writing this album, I had just moved into my apartment. I was literally on the floor with a plastic container as my desk, and my Macbook/studio set up, making the demos. It’s crazy how it all came together, especially because the pandemic hit. It was delayed longer than I had planned, but I made it happen.

FancyBaby: I feel like I haven’t reached my biggest accomplishment quite yet, but I can feel it coming. For now, my next biggest accomplishment will be coming out with this second album and releasing it.

FancyBaby, Photo credit: Nietzschean

FancyBaby: I am most looking forward to my growth as an artist. I plan to create more videos, do more photoshoots and collaborations, and achieve all my goals. There is a lot planned, and I’m very excited to share. I have a show coming in October and am working on a new album! I’m super excited to share this with you guys!

FancyBaby: I feel like knowing exactly what you want, having a clear plan, and building a solid team of loyal, trustworthy individuals to help you move forward with your dreams are important when getting started. Have your PRO (ASCAP or BMI), Sound Exchange, and Songtrust in order so you can register your music and get your coin by any means necessary.

FancyBaby: No one talks about how many hats you wear being an independent artist. So much work goes behind this since the music industry has changed. You have to do your research to obtain money and know your stuff when going into this. I also feel because I’m a woman, I have to work a little harder to get a certain level of respect. Ladies, if you know, you know. With the knowledge I have, not taking the “fast route,” working hard, and learning this business the way I have has sparked a change that I needed to move forward in this industry.

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