Famed Dancehall Singer, Collie Buddz, is Back with “Take It Easy”

Famed Dancehall Singer, Collie Buddz, is Back with "Take It Easy"

Bermudian reggae sensation Collie Buddz, a trailblazer in the music industry, has unveiled his long-awaited fourth studio album, “Take It Easy.” The eagerly anticipated record showcases Collie Buddz’s artistic brilliance. On this project, he seamlessly combines reggae, dancehall, and hip-hop elements to craft a mesmerizing musical journey anyone can love.

“Take It Easy” showcases Collie Buddz’s skill as an artist and lyricist, displaying musical versatility and growth over his past three albums. The project features a 12-song roster, jam-packed with impressive collaborations featuring well-known stars like Bounty Killer, B-Real (Cypress Hill), Demarco, Danny Towers, and Keznamdi. As one can expect from such a lineup, all the songs feature infectious rhythms. Each showcases catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics. As you’d expect, Collie Buddz’s distinctive vocals and signature sound shine throughout.

Most tracks featured on “Take It Easy” were produced by Collie Buddz in collaboration with Jason “J-Vibe” Farmer. Collie Buddz’s hands-on approach ensures his distinctive artistic vision and creative vitality shine through on this album. Listeners will enjoy the contributions from producers like Bobby Konders of Massive B (for “Twisted Agenda”) and Fatbabs (for “Mr. Wicked”). The outcome is an album that melds together a rich and cohesive sonic landscape. All of these elements combine to underscore Collie Buddz’s artistic evolution and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional music.

“Take It Easy” is a well-crafted collection of tracks that explore a range of themes from love and relationships to self-discovery and personal growth. The album has a positive and laid-back vibe that encourages listeners to very simply put, relax.

Overall, “Take It Easy” is a testament to Collie Buddz’s artistry and ability to create music that resonates with a vast and diverse audience. This project is an album that combines musical excellence with meaningful storytelling, making it a must-listen for reggae fans. Honestly, if you aren’t a reggae or dancehall fan yet, this project may just change your mind. It brings the vibes and good energy.

Listeners and readers interested in connecting with Collie Buddz can find out more on his social media. For more vibes, go stream his music on all digital streaming players! 

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