Reward Fans and Find New Listeners with Spotify Wrapped 2023

Reward Fans and Find New Listeners with Spotify Wrapped 2023

Spotify Wrapped is an annual music opportunity that we encourage all independent artists to take advantage of. Artists can prepare for the campaign by maximizing the marketing of their music and optimizing social media and digital streaming profiles. For 2023, Spotify has shared a November 15 deadline for preparing and loading the video for top fans and getting your merchandise offers ready. In this article, we explore additional ways to prepare for Spotify Wrapped and how independent artists can best position themselves for success at the tail end of 2023. 

Spotify Wrapped is an annual feature that provides users with insights into their listening habits and the music they’ve enjoyed over the past year. Spotify does an incredible job of making the graphics, videos, and experience exciting and sharable. Independent artists can leverage Spotify Wrapped 2023 to maximize their visibility and engagement. Artists can strategically promote their music and engage with their audience throughout the year, but boost that effort through this campaign. In addition, we offer specific ways of “cleaning up” your online presence and interacting with your listenership before the campaign to supercharge those efforts. 

Here are some steps independent artists can take to make the most of Spotify Wrapped by preparing their Spotify for Artists Profile:

Spotify for Artists users can upload a thank you video or fan-related video message for 2023 Wrapped. This video, which will be featured during the Wrapped period, must be uploaded by November 15, 2023. There is a limit of one video per artist. The video should be vertical, between 3 and 30 seconds, and have audio, and no music. Artists can select and prepare a caption for the video and a thumbnail image to be featured. We recommend participating in this feature as it is a professional, simple, and authentic way to connect with your listenership. 

In the video section of your Spotify for Artists profile, you should see this message! Don’t miss the upload date!

Through Spotify for Artists, artists can connect their Shopify-based merchandise directly to the app or website using the Merch section. According to Spotify, artists who feature three items in their merchandise section get more views. Make sure you have three featured items! 

During this special time of year, artists may also offer a special merch discount to their Wrapped fans. To do this, artists must select 2 or more items and choose the discount. Spotify will then email your Spotify Wrapped 2023 fans with the information and prepare reports from the offer. To offer his special discount, you prepare and complete the submission by November 15, 2023.

Having a bio is incredibly important to connecting with potential fans and listeners. This is your opportunity to share your story, and your successes, and keep the people engaged with up announcements. Simply put, your bio is a powerful tool for converting listeners and engaging with your existing audience. You need one.

If you don’t already have a bio, connect with Photobombshell and get your custom biography prepared in time for Wrapped. Email for more information and to get started. 

If it’s been a while since you updated your profile picture or banner, now is the perfect time to refresh the look. Prepare your graphics now and get your new look ready for your adoring fans.

Through Spotify for Artists, you can highlight something special on your profile using Artist Pick. That Artist Pick can be a playlist, song, album, concert date, or even a featured merch item. Whatever you choose, make the most of the Artist Pick and choose something! People want to know what you think is the best of the best on your page, so show them!

Create your playlists on Spotify featuring your music and tracks from other artists you admire. Share these playlists with your fans and encourage them to follow and share. If you fall in love with a curated playlist that you’ve made, feature it as an Artist Pick.

Revisit older tracks and promote and pitch them for playlist placement on free sites like Watch for the results on the site and in your Spotify for Artists app/account.

Spotify will automatically share Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, Songkick, and AXS listings on Spotify and in emails to your followers. You’ll also see stats on listeners and followers in cities you’ll be visiting in your live performance schedule on your profile. If for some reason your tour dates are not showing after 48 hours of them being listed with the listed Spotify ticket partners, reach out to Spotify help to get them sorted. 

The final touch is getting your social media accounts connected to your profile. Make sure that whatever social media platforms and web-based places where you make music and interact with your audience are listed on your profile. If you’ve recently changed a profile name or handle, double-check that all of your links still work and make changes were necessary. New listeners will want to connect with you, and we want to make that as easy as possible.

How to Get Featured on Spotify Playlists image of man holding white iphone with Spotify logo in center

In the second half of the list, here are some steps independent artists can take to make the most of Spotify Wrapped by increasing listenership and engagement with their Spotify artist profile and music on the platform: 

First of all, if you have yet to claim your artist profile and set up your free Spotify for Artists account, do that first. Then, check that your Spotify Artist Profile is up to date with a professional photo, a well-written bio, and links to your social media and website. Share your artist profile links across your online presence, and remember a call to action, specifically thank your followers for their support and ask them to FOLLOW you on Spotify.

Release new songs or albums leading up to the Spotify Wrapped release in December. Having fresh content can encourage listeners to engage with your music and include it in their Wrapped summaries, especially if it’s a smash in the next couple of weeks. This can help generate buzz and increase your chances of appearing in users’ Wrapped playlists.

Use social media, your website, and other online channels to promote your music in the weeks leading up to Spotify Wrapped. Encourage your followers and fans to listen to your music on Spotify, specifically.

Partner with influencers or other artists to promote your music. They can help you reach a wider audience and increase your chances of being included in listeners’ Wrapped playlists. This is a great way to interact with the massive music market that exists on TikTok, through interacting with beauty influencers, dancers, and other creatives who can connect your music with their existing content pillars. You can also be the example and use your music with a hook, instructing others to do the same. If you need hooks and ideas, connect with Photobombshell Media on Instagram. We will hook you up!

Respond to comments and messages from your fans on social media and Spotify. Engaging with your audience can lead to more streaming and better Spotify Wrapped results. Be authentic and make your presence known! Your fans and listeners will appreciate it. 

Consider running targeted Spotify ads to promote your music to specific audiences through the end of the year. Spotify offers various advertising options for artists.

Encourage your fans to pre-save your new releases on Spotify from now through the end of 2023. Having a significant number of pre-saves has been shown to help boost streams on release day, which can contribute to great Spotify Wrapped results for a new release.

Use your social media channels to share updates, stories, and teasers related to Spotify Wrapped. Keep your fans engaged and informed about what they will be seeing. Interact and let followers know how you’d like them to share. Do you want to get tagged in their shares? Will you will be re-sharing their results? What are you planning to do for your top fans?

When your Spotify Wrapped results are available, share them on your social media and encourage your fans to do the same. This can help create a buzz and generate more engagement for yourself as an artist. It’s also a cool way to highlight the music and creatives that are the soundtrack to your life.

Remember that Spotify Wrapped is a massive opportunity for artists to connect with their fans. This is a time to showcase achievements on the platform. The viral nature of sharing listener statistics makes Wrapped an exciting annual moment for listeners and artists alike. It’s an entertaining way to reach wider audiences and new listeners. By following these steps, we hope you make the most of Spotify Wrapped 2023. 

Good luck, and you’re welcome. 💋

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