RichFraz Drops Bar Exam and Love Like This

RichFraz Drops Bar Exam and Love Like This

Just a few weeks ago, New Jersey rap artist RichFraz announced his latest two singles and their release on October 31, 2023. This Halloween release was no trick and all treats with two stand-out and discernably different singles. “Bar Exam” and “Love Like This” couldn’t be more different. During the pre-release period, we connected with RichFraz to discuss both projects. Here he shares their inspiration, and the connection with a Halloween release date, given that neither track has a scary vibe.

RichFraz shares the story behind “Bar Exam”: “The inspiration and motivation are the same. I wanted to focus on returning to the basics of flow and bars, especially now because this is four years in the making. The single was supposed to be released as part 2 of “Bars Never Left,” but was shelved until I got it right.”

“Bar Exam” album artwork.

“Love Like This” is a hip-hop love story with R&B vibes, finally showcasing RichFraz’s vocals that I have been telling you exist. When asked how this track came to be, RichFraz explains it all. “Love Like This” is inspired by my favorite MC of all time, LL Cool J, and his tracks Loungin and Around the Way Girl. Part of the inspiration was getting back to loving on the ladies more because, besides a handful of rappers, there hasn’t been any love in the music for the ladies…maybe fucking but not love.”

“Love Like This” album artwork.

We asked why a Halloween 2023 release seemed a good idea for a solid rap track and a rap/R&B love song. It seems like the perfect time for something scary. For RichFraz it would be much scarier to miss out on the fourth quarter of the year without a release. His goal with the timing? “I wanted to get a jump off of the next 60 days, going into 2024 strong.” The man has some smart moves with this.

We are so used to single-track releases or albums that a double-single release, somehow didn’t seem like enough. With the anticipated demand for these projects, we pushed RichFraz for details on additional visuals for the projects. He has reported back that visuals for “Bar Exam” will be available by the end of 2023. Listeners can anticipate visuals for “Love Like This” in the Spring of 2024.

“I just want to thank everyone who has been here. Thank you for continuing this ride. Anyone new on the journey, buckle up and salute. Thank you to Frontier, Chris Fields, ISH, Track Pros, Photobombshell, and the DEPMG family.

Listeners and readers can find “Bar Exam” and “Love Like This” on all digital streaming platforms and wherever you get your music. Connect with RichFraz on Instagram. Need more? Subscribe to and have the latest independent music news, reviews, and interviews delivered directly to your inbox as it happens!

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