Party Vibes Wait for You on Champion Squad World Tour

Party Vibes Wait for You on Champion Squad World Tour

In the latest music news, famed DJ collective Champion Squad has announced its intentions and booking opportunities for its 2024 World Tour. Read on for the latest news and updates on this tour event.

Champion Squad is a collective of DJs that got together in the mid-90s. The group, formed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, consists of DJ Reem, Aston Villa, T-bone, Dre Hype, Ovadose, Jr Rollaz, and DJ Murech. Champion Squad is world-renowned for creative dubplate remixes, mix-tapes, and authentic live Dancehall and Reggae party experiences. 

In 2002, Champion Squad released the first in their series of mixtapes, “Space Out Of Earth” and “Dehydration.” The mixtape series, curated and mixed by DJ Reem, showcased the hottest dancehall songs over hip-hop instrumentals. The tapes drew attention for using wordplay and chopping up multiple songs in a remix to capture the listener’s attention. The mixtapes helped the squad to tour destinations worldwide.

In 2009, Champion Squad embarked on their journey in the “sound clash” arena, achieving victory in their inaugural Tag Team clash alongside Kalibandulu Sound from Italy. Their dedication and skill led them to another clash in 2018. The squad again emerged victorious in the Destination Badda Dan clash held in Florida. The stakes were high, as the winners of this clash earned the opportunity to compete in the finals in Zurich, Switzerland.

Champion Squad’s momentous journey continued as they triumphed over the legendary Emperor Sound in a thrilling “tune fi tune” battle, securing their place in the finals in Zurich. There, they faced off against a global roster of sound systems. Champion Squad advanced through the rounds, eventually reaching the showdown against A-Mar Sound from Tel Aviv, Israel. In a nail-biting “tune fi tune” battle, Champion Squad emerged victorious, clinching the 2018 123 Badda Dan Finals title and bringing the trophy back to Florida.

Amid the challenges of the 2020 pandemic, DJ Reem and DJ Muerch embarked on a new venture to expand the Champion Squad brand into music production. This creative journey resulted in the birth of the team’s inaugural riddim, aptly named “The Ari Riddim” after DJ Reem’s daughter’s middle name, “Ariana.” This musical endeavor showcased talented artists such as Wayne Wonder, Noah Powa, Ajji, Lockit, and others.

Their foray into music production flourished as they gained valuable experience. Notably, they had the opportunity to produce tracks for Munga Honorable’s album “Shine Your Light,” including the song “My Vibes,” a collaboration with Badda General titled “Go Fi Dem,” and the track “Like Money” featuring Lockit.

Looking ahead, Champion Squad has exciting projects in the pipeline. They anticipate collaborations with notable artists like Double X (AKA Flexx from T.O.K), Wayne Wonder, and Lockit. With vision and determination, the team aspires to evolve into a prominent music production powerhouse.

Champion Squad will kick off a world tour in 2024! The Champion Squad World Tour is scheduled to start in Japan. Their first tour stop in Japan will showcase sounds from Yarz Sound from Sendai. The world tour will extend to the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, Canada, USA, and regions yet to be announced. 

Champion Squad continues to take bookings for this tour. They invite global partners to connect. Venues, promoters, and event managers looking to book Champion Squad should email to secure a performance date. Connect with Champion Squad on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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